Though I remain a patriotic Nigerian, not interested in becoming APC Spokesman – Dawuda Gana


In a swift reaction to a publication by AUTHENTIC News Daily which was at the time known as JATUSKI Comunications on Thursday, tipping him to become a replacement for the vacant seat of Alhaji Lai Mohammed as the National Publicity Secretary of the ruling All Progressives Cogress (APC), Dawuda Gana has said that he has no interest in the position.
His position was made known in a letter communicated to JATUSKI Communications on Friday, in which he appreciated the publication, but distanced himself from eyeing the esteemed office, while assuring that he would remain a patriotic Nigerian, who wants the best for the country.
Here is the full letter as communicated:
Dear Jatuski communications,
First of all I would like to thank you for highlighting my birthday with an article on your forum, I was humbled with your description of my person and my efforts in the run up to the elections and efforts to make our nation a better place.
I was caught unawares with the insinuation that I was being “tipped” as a replacement for the post Alh. Lai Mohammed held before being called to serve as a minister representing my state in the new government.
To the best of my knowledge, unless your medium has information I don’t, I am not being “tipped” for that post neither am I seeking it.
As much as I am aware the press has the liberty to “embellish” it’s reports for certain reasons, I am compelled to put forward this clarification to avoid any confusion, as I am receiving requests for confirmation of the story from friends and acquaintances.
Kindly feel free to get in touch in the future with any questions or clarifications you may need regarding any story that may require my input.
Kind regards


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