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    Comrade Aliyu with Etsu Nupe

    With the present yearning for peace to return to the several areas in all the geo-political zones of Nigeria, the Nigerian Elite Security Organisation (NESO) could not have come at a better time, seeing the need of a synergy between security agencies and the various communities within the country.
    This is why the news that NESO would be bridging that gap is indeed good news which should be welcomed and praised by all Nigerians.
    With the inauguration of the Board of Trustees (BOT) of the organization at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja on January 16, 2016, it portrays hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel and Nigerians would soon be able to sleep with at least one eye open in the short run, and then, both eyes closed in a little while.
    The Corps Commandant General (CCG) of NESO, Comrade Sani Aliyu while speaking at the inauguration ceremony, did not mince words when speaking, but was confident that the synergy with communities is realizable and as a matter of fact, is a unique package that is organization is putting on the table.
    “I congratulate all of us for choosing to support and help the Federal Government in its war against Terrorism and insurgency in the country. Our main stay in NESO is to gather information at the native community level which we have identified as a safe net and breeding ground for terrorists and their activities. NESO is filling in the existing wide gap between the native community and the intelligence community.
    “This gap was responsible for harboring terrorism and gave them the convenience ambiance for building their camps and heavy importation of armament into the country without been noticed. It got us real shackled at the time they started their offensive campaign which indeed caught everybody unaware including the security community.
    “We cannot allow the reoccurrence of this ugly trend and experience anymore, indeed this is why NESO has taking the bull by horns to help the  Conventional Security Organisation like the police, DSS, DMI etc process information at this level and provide same as actionable intelligence deployable to the relevant Security Agency as early warning mechanism,” he explained.
    The CCG went on further to disclose that NESO has designed an advocacy tagged KYN, meaning know Your Neighbour. Which is a sensitization campaign, focusing on the need for individuals and community profiling and identification of residence, at first contact meet on the road, vehicle etc.
    He was quick to point out that NESO was inaugurated last year, but with the inauguration of the BOT, its activities would be fast tracked towards achieving the set goals.
    “Today marks the beginning of great change in the annals of NESO and indeed Nigeria. Although, we are in the era of change mantra in Nigeria, Permit me for the sake of time to recognize the presence of all the newly inaugurated BOT members of NESO. This appointment proves of your excellence and an attestation to your service and commitment to the development, peace, and security of our motherland. We are in the times of security challenges, we can no longer afford to fold our hands and throw the whole thing to the government.
    At this Juncture my most distinguish BOT, may I take you back and give you a short brief about NESO. I was inaugurated on the 25th July 2015 as CCG. When I was approached on this, one striking thing that made me accept to take up the challenge was the numerical strength of the organisation of about 70,000 young men and women. I felt real marveled on these people who have decided to volunteer their services,” he informed.
    He said that he was optimistic that with the caliber of personalities that make up the BOT, success will be achieved in al spheres.
    “The BOT Chairman of NESO, our indefatigable, likable, a patriot per excellence, His Royal Highness, Alh. Dr. Yahaya Abubakar CFR, Etsu Nupe and Chairman Niger State Traditional Council, We Congratulate NESO for having you as the BOT Chairman.
    But the problem then was that of no clear direction and objectives. Not a single office address in Abuja and the account balance of the organisation is zero. My surprise! But then the love of my country has overtaking every thing in me, I now saw an opening to my unsolved puzzle on how to compliment government efforts in fight against this menace called terrorism.
    “So I instantly agree to explore this avenue, seeing the spread of the organisation and disregarding every order challenges and disadvantages, I made up my mind to create a direction for this young committed Nigerian youth who ordinarily would have taking the same path but rather they have volunteer to serve our motherland, ‘sorry for my choice of Motherland even though ours is Fatherland’ but for Mother is more uniting than Father. I hope that we are all on the same page on this?
    Today, we have been able to put together a formidable front, having distinguished people like you on the BOT, in NESO, Nigeria comes first, second, third and last before any self consideration. That is why we took our time in selecting across the country patriots; indeed we are happy that your best would bear yet again in this new challenge of eradicating this strange menace called terrorism which indeed is not Nigerian in anyway,” he prayed.
    He commended President Muhammadu Buhari for his political will to end terrorism in Nigeria, stressing that NESO is solidly behind him, while urging Mr. President to consolidate on the victory of the Nigeria Army as well as compliment the efforts of the conventional Security Agencies, acknowledging their numerical constraint to cover a huge country and the most populous in that matter like Nigeria.
    The CCG disclosed that though NESO has lots of challenges, he assured all the volunteers in NESO who believe and love Nigeria more than anything else, to always remember the reason behind the huge risk of staking out their necks was to ensure the safety of the greater majority.
    “We do this with our hard earned monies, no support from government or any corporate institution at the moment. But with your calibers here present we believe together we will do Nigeria and Nigerians noble by putting in our best to safeguarding lives and properties.
    “We are truly looking forward to policies that would enhance our commitment to the nation from your exulted assemblage. NESO is in dire need of your tutelage and directional leadership, as well as moral and more importantly financial support,” he appealed.
    On the national spread of the organization, he said that they are presently on ground in the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory.
    He commended some individuals who have contributed to the successes so far recorded by the organization, while charging others to emulate same.
    “I must also recognize the goodwill and financial support of my best friend TPL Daniel Sani and his Boss TPL Ologun who have always been there for NESO. My Oga at the Villa, Dr. Malami Shehu also has been a tremendous support, He believes greatly in Nigeria and the safety of lives, and despite his position with the Government, he not only took  an office with NESO as the Chairman Advisory Council and National adviser on Strategy but allow us to future his photograph in the organisation profile. We appreciate your immense support and look forward to more relentlessly; indeed, we have no any other country than Nigeria.”
    “Our prayers are for the Board to deliver NESO eventually as Government approved native community surveillance Agency and to help the organisation in the areas of securing partnership with multinationals and also to key into their Community Social Responsibility wallet to enhance our operations. BOT Members can also contribute to cushion the biting effects of our handicap.
    Indeed we are proud of our Royal Highnesses who have shown tremendous support in these biting areas, The BOT Chairman HRH Etsu Nupe has asked us to write letters to the telecommunications giants of Nigeria, which we have done and would be present to him after this meeting. HRM the Ona of Abaji also initiated and requested that we write an endorsement letter to MR. President, which we have done, HRM proffer himself to personally submit the letter and pursue same. We are proud of our Royal Fathers and we say thank you,” he concluded.



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