If the Tivs love Idoma, they should make us governor – George Onmonya


    onjeh igede 2
    By IKANA ADAKOLE, Otukpo
    Social Crusader and Rights Activist, George Omonya has lashed out at the Tiv people of Benue State for making attempts of imposing someone they can use on the Idoma people as the Senator representing Benue Zone C, saying that if they really love the Idoma people and want the best for them, they should have allowed them emerge governor of the state.
    He described the choice of Onjeh and the support he is getting from the Tivs as a bad development that will make the Idoma nation become complete beggars.
    Below is his full comments, unedited:
    Boy Daniel Onjeh, Starts Campaign Yesterday Accompanied By Godfathers
    Senator George Akume wasn’t there at Otukpo because he has been flown overseas for medical treatment. Sources confirmed that Senator Akume, the sponsor of Daniel Onjeh, who is seriously ill slumped and was flown out. We wish him soonest recovery, may God heal him.
    Back to the matter, yesterday Daniel Onjeh flagged off his campaign. Governor Ortom mandated all local government Chairmen to rent crowd and storm Otukpo. The issue here is that George Akume didn’t do anything for Zone C when he was governor, nothing. He treated Zone C as if it isn’t part of Benue. Now he is planting his boys everywhere. He has the governor in his pocket, we cannot afford to allow him pocket Zone C.
    Idomas are not weak and subservient people. We cannot afford to have a weak and subservient representation of Idoma people in the senate. We cannot afford to make ourselves weak. If George Akume loves Idoma people why didn’t he make one governor or talk about an Idoma governor? Yes, Idoma cannot afford a weak boy in the senate, this is not some childish NANS stuff, this is the senate we are talking about here for an Idoma Nation. Let’s not make ourselves people to be ridiculed.


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