Fighting Mark is an agenda against Benue Zone C


    David-Mark portrait
    Former Senate President David Mark
    By Ogwuche Rexino
    The Benue State chapter of the APC recently held a reception for their governor over his stunning victory at the Supreme Court at the IBB square in Makurdi. Most of the speakers at this grand event where largely and strangely ignored because there was a deeper diabolical political agenda against the Benue South.
    The loudest ovation was given to one of the co conspirator and affiliate in the grand political scheme to stop Mark, a political rookie called comrade Daniel Onjeh. He has become a sort of hero because he is a willing accomplice in the eternal plan to annihilate the Idoma nation politically, a race that is not deficient in intellectualism, entrepreneurship and political juggernauts.
    I watched with morbid fascination his vacuous submission that he is not been sponsored in his failed mission to distort the political status-quo in Benue south. What a terrible way to be deceptive when all indices showed he is just a pawn in the hands of his mindless minders.
    His tone deaf remark at the event was when he said the rerun election was freedom for Benue south and made jejune allusion to non performance by Sen Mark. It was a striking lack of self awareness by him as his emergence as a ‘ senator ‘ will further place the people in a worse political servitude in the state. He forgot also that Mark is being vilified because of his protection of his people through his uncommon infrastructural and human capital development of Benue south.
    This young man, Onjeh has just two achievements which is hugely important to his outside sponsors: his alleged complicity in a petition protesting the appointment of Audu Ogbe as minister of the federal republic of Nigeria by APC leaders in the state and been generally abusive and disrespectful to Idoma strategic political leaders. This is why he is being apotheosized by a section in the state as well as deified by a vulnerable group in zone c.
    But because of the obsession to stop Mark, we don’t care what Onjeh intends to achieve, the problems he will solve and the benefits he will bring to the people as a neophyte senator. All we care is to dance to a macosa music been played from outside, the rythm of ‘ is it only Mark’ ,but you cannot wail more than the bereaved.And we ask,what about Akume ?since 1999 fa …
    Happily, the highly sophisticated people of Benue south have understood this unfolding political drama and resolved to give Mark the last chance. They have started scouting for his replacement in 2019..


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