NGO appeals for legal aid support for Yunusa Yellow


I write to appeal for Legal Aid in respect of Yunusa Dahiru a 17year old indigene of Kura Local Government Area of Kano State, who is currently in detention in Bayelsa State for eloping with a Bayelsa State teenager, Ese Rita Oruru.
The Southern press twisted and sensationalized the whole story, changed the narrative to suit their bigotry and sentiment, stereotyped Islam and Muslims and changed a clear case of elopement in to a case of kidnapping, rape, etc.
They painted both our region and religion black, saying such practices is done and condoned by our leaders and elders.
Our leaders and elders, who bear major brunt of Yunusa`s action, should raise to redeem their image and that of the North. The more we allow the narrative to go unchallenged or allow them to prove the case of abduction/trafficking, the more the North becomes culpable today and vulnerable to future attacks.
Much as we are not giving any excuse or justification for what Yunusa did or shielding him from bearing the consequences of his actions, but we believe he needs fair trial.
Itinerant artisanship and petty trading is peculiar to our Northern brothers, especially those who never had the privilege of acquiring formal education. Travelling to Southern parts of the country in search of greener pasture after the cropping season has been a way of eking out a living by our brothers since colonial times.
As an industrious young man, Yunusa Dahiru decided to go to Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State in search for the means of livelihood 12years back.
Yunusa`s honesty endeared him to the family of Mr Charles Oruru, and became a part of the family to the extent that they keep meal for him even in his absence.
A daughter of his host family, Ese Rita Oruru, got along and fell in love with Yunusa. The parents knew about this relationship, which they marvel at whenever they see them together.
After reading all manners of stories in the media, I was disturbed as a human right lawyer. I was shocked to my bones to find out a lot of things from Miss Oruru after gaining access to her at the Shariah Commission office and Police Zonal Headquarters. It was a clear case of elopement between two young consenting partners, which most people has similar urge or experience at the early stage of their lives.
As we are right now, Yunusa has been transferred to Bayelsa from Abuja to face charges of child trafficking in the Federal High Court, Yenagoa.
In the light of the forgoing, we are planning to engage a team of lawyers in Bayelsa State that are willing to stand for him and defend him.
A contribution to this cause is a contribution towards protecting the image of our leaders, great region and religion.
Muhammad Huwaila Ibrahim (Esq)
Chairperson Observatory Committee of Violence against Women and Girls


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