Wike set to bribe Ogonis for votes with blood money, APC alleges


wike angry
The Rivers State Chapter of All Progressives Congress [APC] has said that its attention has been drawn to the announcement by the Secretary to the Rivers State Government [SSG], Chief Kenneth Kobani that the Rivers State Government will pay compensation to some families in Ogoni over the recent crisis in the area.
The APC in a statement signed by its State Chairman, Chief Davies I. Ikanya JP said while the APC is not against government providing assistance to citizens especially during crisis, however, they believe that the offer by the Rivers State Government is in bad faith.
“We are convinced that the government simply wants to bribe and induce the people to vote for PDP candidates in the forthcoming re-run elections under the guise of providing compensation to affected families.
The statement reads: “The APC is tempted to ask Governor Nyesom Wike why he has not promised or provided compensation to the victims of killings in ONELGA, Ahoada East and other areas where violence had taken place recently. Are those other areas not part of Rivers State?
“We note that the political clout and stature of the APC South-East candidate, Sen. Magnus Ngei Abe has become a source of discomfort to the Rivers State Governor, the PDP and their followers, hence the concerted efforts by them to stop Abe from cruising to victory come March 19, 2016. Particularly of note is that Gov. Nyesom Wike is battling with inferiority complex due to Abe’s towering experience and intimidating political sagacity hence the attempt to ensure Abe is stopped or rigged out but their scheme will fail woefully.
“It might interest Nyesom Wike to know that this illustrious son of Ogoni that the governor is fighting is the same person that championed the move that has resulted in the implementation of the UNEP Report that is about to be flagged-off by the Federal Government.
“It was curious to hear Nyesom Wike confess on live radio earlier Saturday that he is an acclaimed election rigger. It was also interesting that Wike called election riggers armed robbers who deserve to be lynched to death. Considering the connivance between the former INEC REC, Dame Gesila Khan and Nyesom Wike to rig the 2015 elections, both individuals deserve to die by public lynching, going by Wike’s ‘write their will and armed robbers’ theory.
“The APC condemns in the strongest terms the dim-witted procession led by Senator Lee Maeba, Kenneth Kobani, Olaka Wogu and others where they carried four coffins with the inscription ‘Magnus Abe is Dead’ and to state unequivocally that may they all get exactly that which they wish Sen. Magnus Abe. Happily, Sen. Magnus Abe drew an overwhelming crowd in Gokana a few hours later as he met with his people; the outpouring of love from the people of Gokana towards their illustrious son was evident for all to see and be convinced that Abe will emerge victorious come March 19.
Wike is lawless and irresponsible
“It is shocking to decent minds that Gov. Nyesom Wike  [a supposed lawyer] revels in lawlessness and irresponsibility in words and deeds despite swearing to Oath of Office and Oath of Allegiance, suggesting that the essence of those two important oaths is lost on Nyesom Wike.
“Despite the expiration of the three months tenure of the Caretaker Committees of criminals he illegally appointed for the LG Councils, Nyesom Wike has continued to keep them in office, something that is obviously against relevant laws and a manifestly indecent act.
“Therefore, the APC calls on banks to desist forthwith from transacting any form of council business with the CTCs whose tenures have all expired. We also call on security agencies to treat these individuals as usurpers and illegal occupants of public office especially during the March 19 re-run elections.
“Gov. Nyesom Wike yesterday threw all caution to the wind when he asked his supporters to resist arrest by Federal law enforcement agents. We want to believe that he does not fully understand the full meaning and grave danger his directive. The saying goes that those the gods want to kill they first make mad.
“The APC wishes to call on Rivers people not to be swayed by the antics of someone whom circumstances have foisted on them as governor but hold on to their principles because he is here today, tomorrow he will surely be gone but Rivers State remains.”


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