OPINION BY ONORO IBRAHIM: Nasir el-Rufai As Kaduna’s ‘Chemical Ali’ – The Gbagyi Villa Misdemeanor”


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    By Onoro Ibrahim
    Over 1,500 homes, houses and abodes with over 10,000 persons – women, children and retired civil servants – both young and old risk being rendered homeless by Governor Nasir El Rufai’s obnoxious orders to demolish the Gbagyi Villa in Kaduna State.
    The state government has given the residents only three weeks (21 days) notice to vacate homes that they have lived all their lives. Who does that? If not a heartless, murderous, destructive, rampaging, power-drunk regime.
    How can you give people living in their own houses just 21 days to pack out and to where precisely? Despite a prevailing court order restraining El Rufai from carrying out his crimes against humanity in Kaduna, the man his made up his mind to render many homeless in the search for supremacy over God.
    Is this the change many asked for when they voted a heartless man into office of governor?
    El Rufai’s laws are anti people and ego-driven. Why doesn’t he fight for environmental bills to would clean up the environment and protect residents of Kaduna? Why doesn’t El Rufai fight for a traffic bill that would clean up the roads and make Kaduna safer for residents?
    No. Instead, all El Rufai has done since assuming office is to push for laws that restrict personal and religious freedoms, and orders to play god as he demolishes even religious buildings. He paints the picture of the murderous Chemical Ali in Saddam’s oppressive Iraq.
    When El Rufai’s orders are carried out, one may ask, what happens next? Untold satisfaction, as he sits on his oversize chair behind an even more over sized desk as he relishes the pain of the victims of his draconian executive orders.
    Let it be known to the world that as a direct result of Governor El Rufai’s orders to demolish a privately developed retirement village in Kaduna, two senior citizens suffered heart attacks and died. Not even the news of death can deter El Rufai from his dance to waterloo.
    But, as El Rufai continues in his Nebuchadnezzar’s reign of terror on the citizens of Kaduna, we commit him to the judgement of the one and true, the ONLY ALMIGHTY GOD.


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