Putin trying to overthrow Merkel


    Russian President Putin chairs meeting in Moscow
    Russian President Vladimir Putin

    In recent days, there has been published speculation that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been deliberately creating conditions in Syria that are so intolerable that people have no choice but to try and reach the sanctuary of Europe – specifically, Germany.
    The civil war and the resulting refugee crisis has become a “weapon” to destablize Europe. As far was we know, there is no direct evidence to believe that Putin has engineered the crisis for this purpose.
    However, NATO analysts are now saying that Russia is stoking opposition in Germany to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policies hoping to engineer her ouster.
    These tactics are nothing new, having been used frequently during the cold war. But the sophistication of modern communications, as well as the targeting of a NATO country, sets this effort apart from past attempts at destablization.
    The Soviets targeted the periphery of NATO for destablization – Turkey, Greece and Italy. Now Putin is trying his hand at upending Germany – a cornerstone of NATO and European stability. If he is successful, the EU will be in disarray and free Putin’s hand in the Ukraine and possibily the Baltics.
    Make no mistake; Putin is playing the long game here. He is playing chess while Obama and the Europeans are playing checkers. He is outhinking, outmanuevering his opponents at almost every turn.
    And they appear powerless to stop him.
    Source: American Thinker


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