Wike’s boast of PDP winning South-South in 2019 wishful thinking – APC


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The Rivers State Chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, has described the recent boast by the governor of Rivers State, Chief Nyesom Wike that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would win the entire South-South States in 2019 as ‘dim-witted wishful thinking.’
The party in a statement signed by its spokesman, Senibo Chris Finebone said “the APC is not surprised at such conceited and arrogant boast which confirms that the PDP as a party is populated by individuals who have no place for God in the affairs of men. Indeed, it is only God who can pronounce with finality what will happen in the future, no man can do that with any level of certainty.”
The statement reads: “For the PDP and its accidental leaders like Gov. Nyesom Wike, they have not learnt anything from their calamitous past and recent woeful defeat at the polls despite their earlier boasts that they would rule Nigeria for 60 years. It is possible that this kind of boasts by the present court-jesters of the PDP such as Nyesom Wike and Ayo Fayose are meant to hide their real intention which is to finally sing the Nunc Dimitis for the party on 21st of May in Port Harcourt.
“Today, the PDP has many factions each equally battle ready going into its national convention. These factions assume two alignments namely, ‘the PDP indigenes’ and ‘PDP settlers.’ While the PDP indigenes are made up of the original founders and early joiners of the party, the PDP settlers are the likes of Governors Nyesom Wike and his bosom friend Ayo Fayose who accidentally find themselves in position of authority in the party and are making real dubious and mischievous use of their new-found positions.
“Rather than continue on the part of finally burying the PDP on May 21 in Port Harcourt, which the PDP Settlers (Governors Wike, Fayose and others) have embarked upon, the Rivers State governor prefers to provide their followers with morose comic relief that the PDP will dominate the South-South in 2019. It is important to remind Gov. Wike that only the living praises Jehovah. Of concern to him should be how to help the PDP wriggle out of the present stifling stranglehold of indigene/settler conflict within the party before casting its sight on future Nigerian political turf.
“In any case, it is the highest display of dimwittedness for Gov Nyesom Wike to boast about a party that controlled the Federal Government of Nigeria and majority of states for 16 years to so soon becoming a local geopolitical zone player. What a governor, what wisdom!
“It needs to be mentioned that it is of no interest to Rivers people that a onetime behemoth (PDP) that strutted the Nigerian political landscape like a colossus for 16 years is to be finally buried in Port Harcourt in less than a week from now with our governor as the presiding clergyman except for the huge cost burden this expensive funeral has imposed on the Rivers taxpayer.”


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