I rather arm Edo youth than Police to fight crime -Imansuangbon


    An aspirant for the Governorship ticket of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the Edo State governorship election coming up later in September, Chief Ken Imansuangbon has said he rather armed the Edo youth rather than armed the police men to fight crime in the state.
    Imansuangbon said this at the National Secretariat of the APC when he came to picked his governorship Nomination form ahead of the party primaries coming up on the 18th of June.
    According to him, “I will make sure every man, every boy, every girl that is of age to work, we will make sure they work. By the time we take them to the farm and we engage them, you know the meaning of that when I create jobs by going to the farm, by making the schools to work, every body will be busy. It means that crime will reduce because the younger generation will be busy for 10 to 12 hours. Crime will become less attractive. So rather than arm the police, I will arm our young men to be in the farm.
    The governorship aspirant who outlined his agenda to be; Job Creation. Strengthened the Education and Agriculture in other to resuscitate the state ailing and or collapsed industries added that “The main problem today in Edo is that we need jobs for the younger generation. The boys, the girls must be taken off the street and to do that we need somebody that is very good and a very good experience from the private sector. All along since I left the University of Ife where I studied law, I have given my life to the service of creating jobs.
    “So basically what we need today in Edo and basically in Nigeria is the man who can create jobs. For 25years now since I left University, all that I know, what I am master of is job creation.
    Imansuangbon stressed that “As governor of Edo, my number one duty when I take over from governor Adams Oshomhole in November this year, my first duty or challenge is to create jobs. And I promise Edo people that job is coming their way because this is a man who knows how to create jobs, who does the business of job creation. Secondly, my major concern as governor, my duty will be to strengthen our school system. Our school system is very weak, without strong and effective school system, our country or the state will not developed.
    “Yes Governor Oshiomhole has done his best but that is not where we want to be as a state. So as a person coming from the educational sector, in the private industry, I am well positioned, well equiped, well armed to make our school system stronger than it is today, make the classroom work, pay yeachers salary as at and when due and of course give chalks to teachers, give teachers hope and make them have pride.
    He gave the assurance that “When I come in, I can assure you that our students in Edo state, school will be interesting for them, we shall partner with our parents and government to make sure that no child is left behind. All sons, all daughters, all our children in Edo state will have to go to school. That will take me to my number three agenda which is emboldening agriculture.
    He also added hat “We will go back to the first commandment of our creator which is to go til the land. I shall embolden agriculture, I will strengthen also agriculture because agriculture is the main focus. What makes America great? It is not the bombs they have but their ability to feed every American. As governor my challenge and my main pursuit will be to feed every Edo child, every Edo citizen, every citizen that is residing in Edo state.  I will take everybody back to farm. I will be the number one Chief farmer in Edo state. We will mechanise farming in Edo state. We will create what I call farm industries. At the end of every farm settlement like rice because I have told Edo in my campaigns that well before now, for the past 13years, I have been throwing rice every christmas. When I become governor this year, I will not throw rice but I will replace it with rice plantation farms.
    On the policy of food security he said “There will be rice plantation in Auchi, Agenebode to be precise, the likes of Daba will have rice, we ill go straight to Zikolo my local government close to the sea, the water side, we will have a lot of plantation, we will go to the Ovias and have rice plantation in the south. We will have rice plantation and of course tomato plantion, guava plantation and of course juice industry. We will have what is called tomato paste, guava juice paste,we will have all kinds of juice. From cassava of course we will do bread, we will do all kinds of floor.


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