War planes: Ofugara petitions Obama



*wants petition signed to stop sales to Nigeria

In spite of the security challenges facing the country from the Boko Haram terrorists in the North-East, Niger-Delta Avengers in the South-South, and other pockets of threats, a  Nigerian activist, Ena Ofugara has created an online petition, seeking 100,000 signatures, to prevent the US President, Barak Obama from selling war planes to the Nigerian government. AUTHENTIC News Daily got a copy of the petition.
Below is the full details of the write-up:
“If you want to save lives of innocent Nigerians, from The East to the creeks of the Niger Delta, if you believe that lasting peace is by dialogue, love and understanding, then join us to sign this petition to stop America from selling 12 warplanes… machines of death, to Buhari.
Violence and killings have never solved anything. Yar’Adua and GEJ ensured peace in the Niger Delta. Even the East did not know this unrest. Today, Buhari’s Fulani religion-tinged Fulani supremacist ideology has seen Over a thousand Shias Muslim dead, many villages in Niger Delta attacked and unreported, many peaceful Igbos killed and death all around. Join us to prevail on America to make Buhari LISTEN to the fears and worries of the people that is pushing them to protest.
Now here is the deal. If we have 100,000 (one hundred thousand) people sign this protest, Obama and the Whitehouse are obligated to respond to us.
Stand up for life and lasting peace through dialogue. Sign the petition to stop Obama from selling genocidal WARPLANES to Buhari.
Sign and get your friends to sign. DO YOU AS A YORUBA, IGBO, MINORITY, SHIA trust Buhari with planes that he can use to run over all of Nigeria???
Sign the petition. Save a nation.”


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