Nigeria Christians Pilgrims Commission holds special prayer for Kaduna State Government


    *pilgrimage trip winner emerges as WATTI Promo is launched

    The Nigeria Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC) on Saturday  held  Special Day of Prayers for the Kaduna State and its leadership at the 2nd ECWA Church, Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Kaduna.

    Speaking, Christians United For Israel, represented by Reverend Albert Samson  said that the  Win A Trip To Israel  (WATTI) Promo was as well thought out idea, because it would provide an opportunity for the less privileged Christians to visit Israel and witness some wonders of God.
    He explained that though there was no particular instruction in the Bible making the visit to Israel obligatory like the pilgrimage  for Hajj is for Muslims, it is important to embark on the pilgrimage for Christians  because it makes faith in God stronger because a pilgrim gets to feel Israel and connect with the Bible stories and places mentioned.
    Samson explained that the trip to Israel also adds to the knowledge of the pilgrimage.
    Speaking further, he said that Christians should not be deceived by those who said that a pilgrimage to Israel was a waste of time, adding that the visit to the Holy Land has been a source of blessings to many as it helps them to be spiritually focused and connect to God to receive healing, breakthrough and blessings.
    As part of the activities, prayers were held for the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari and the Governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasir el-Rufai, as well as the law makers and other political office holders, by the Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Kaduna State, Bishop George Dodo.
    Nigeria Lottery Regulatory Commission, Director-General, represented by Prince Emmanuel Jemimiwa explained that many decisions in the Word of God, came from lottery. He quoted from the book of Joshua 18:10, where he said land was shared through casting of lots.
    He further explained that  when Jesus was crucified, the soldiers casted lots to divide his garment.
    “In the book of Jonah, lots were also cast to determine who was responsible for the storm at sea, which fell on Jonah,” he said.
    He praised the NCPC Executive Secretary for initiating the promo, stressing that the Nigeria Lottery Commission was proud of him for the initiative.
    “This pilot scheme you are witnessing was conceived in 2015. I urge you to key into this scheme. Through the efforts of the NCPC Secretary, the scheme was supported and nurtured to maturity. This is a scheme that is transparent and there is no. doubt that accountability shall be recorded,” he said.
    Representative of NCPC, Arch Bishop Numel Baba said that Christian Pilgrimage in the past was not a government affair until about 40 years ago.
    ” If we don’t support NCPC, to sustain pilgrimage, it will die. Christians should accept the disengagement of Kennedy in good faith. He is Christoan and would always support the scheme as a good Christian,” he said.
    It would be recalled that on Friday, the Executive Secretary of NCPC, John Kennedy Opara was relieved of his appointment by President Muhammadu Buhari.
    Ticket number SEO12142310400, belonging to  Adams Aduku was picked, making him the first winner of the WATTI Promo.


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