Association solicits for adequate security of referees at match venues


    Secretary of the Kaduna State Referees Association, Thomas Awok  has solicited for adequate security during and after matches  to referees at playing Venues.

    Awok made the appeal  in an interview on Monday  in Kaduna.
    He said that adequate security for referees before and during matches regardless of the outcome of the match is important to all referees.
    “I am appealing to all concerned authorities especially all stakeholders on provision of adequate security for referees during and after matches at all venues.
    “The clubs should provide nothing less than 30 policemen for referees during matches.
    “The security of our referees is none-negotiable as we will not take it kindly with any club which uses intimidation through threats, assaults and hooliganism to manipulate results in their favour.
    “This is the responsibility of everybody in and around the football circle most especially stakeholders which include teams.
    Awom said that the supporters club need to be checked before the match begins.
    “Supporters need to be checked as they should not win at all cost to take over the game.
    “They supporters, also need to be checked in case there is any crisis at the match venue, they will be able to identify them,” he submitted.


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