OPINION BY JACOB ONJEWU DICKSON: APC Boils! Too much heat generated in the ruling party


    Though I am not a fan of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), I am a patriotic Nigerian and my unflinching patriotism has attracted so many foes especially during the buildup to the 2015 general elections, where I staked my neck for the then ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), I would for the love of Nigeria want the overheating currently going on in the APC to cool down for the benefit of Nigeria and all Nigerians.

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    Yes without any apologies, I supported the PDP because I believed it was the only national party (still think it is the only national party) that could lead Nigeria as one united entity that would prosper to the heights of the Heavens and produce sweet aroma that would spread throughout the earth and fill the hearts of its citizens with pride and patriotism; a feat the party was achieving, until selfish Nigerians cut it short.
    Yes I mean selfish Nigerians like Obasanjo who wants to remain forever on record as the longest serving Nigerian leader by preventing IBB from emerging the PDP candidate in 2011 primaries and self proclaimed APC National Leader, Senator Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and co, who was out for a bigger piece of the national cake, prevented Jonathan from winning in 2015.
    But that is now history, what needs urgent solution is the saturation point that the APC has reached right now and the urgent need to turn off the heat, so that it can cool down and start yielding positive fruits for the Nigerian masses.
    The truth is the APC was founded on lies, unlike the PDP that was founded to entrench democracy in the country. The lies are beginning to catch up with its creators and just as they say about karma, there is no escaping or hiding place, it follows you everywhere. So there would definitely be no hiding place for those who thrived on manufacturing and feeding lies to Nigerians.
    They started it as a gang-up, those that felt their religion was being cheated with the Presidency, gathered others of like minds and they looked for selfish ones like Obasanjo who joined forces with them to use lies like 1,000 snipers were being trained to confuse several Nigerians who failed to see beyond their immediate plate of food.
    The same crew that screamed murder when the PDP-led government was killing Boko Haram in droves later turned around to say the government was not fighting the insurgency enough. And with pockets of political Boko Haram also springing up, we could experience bombings in Kaduna and Kano, with the former at its peak when a so called ‘minority’, Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa was governor and mysteriously ceasing when he died tragically in yet a mysterious a plane crash.
    The APC was founded on falsehood and most of its major actors are manufacturers of lies, hence turning the weapons on themselves to outsmart each other, resulting to the heat we are currently experiencing.
    The list of infighting within the party is endless and with it comes blackmail in black and white and several shades and colours.
    Just last week, we heard that President Buhari’s Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari walked the Minister of Transportation, Chief Rotimi Amaechi out of his office and on Tuesday, the trending song on the streets is how Abba Kyari was bribed $500 million to influence the fine on telecoms service provider, MTN.
    In Ondo, because the candidate of Senator Bola Tinubu lost the parties primary ahead of the gubernatorial election, the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party is currently divided because Jagaban wants the primaries cancelled. I hear the NWC has been holding marathon meetings for the past three days without finding solution to the crisis hat is waiting to unfold.
    In Kano, former Governor of the state, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso is said to be sworn enemies with his former deputy who is now Governor, Ganduje.
    Bauchi State is not left out, as Governor Abubakar is said to be at war with Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara who is also being fought by former Chairman of Appropriations Committee in the House, Jibrin.
    But Nigerians should pray the biggest show which may cause more hardship on the citizens be averted as Tinubu may not be willing to forgive losing control of Kogi State which he failed to hand over to his stooge, Faleke. Few days to the Supreme Court judgment, he had started throwing warning shots through the media he controls, especially Sahara Reporters. Now that it is clear he can’t have Kogi, more drama may unfold.
    But for anyone who knows what overheating does to a car, other electronics or even smart phones would silently pray for the heat in the APC to cool down not for the sake of the selfish individuals that make up the party, but for the sake of our dear Nigeria.
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