The retirement saga in the church: A few quick points


    1. Only God has a full understanding of what is happening as per this ‘retirement’ directive from the civil authorities. Who is behind it?
    What is the motive? How far will it go? What scalps will it claim?
    What will be the eventual outcome? Only God sees the full picture.
    For the rest of mankind, the answer is blowing in the winds….
    2. Let us be mindful of the reality that no government or authority can EVER control the true Body of Christ through legislation. The Body of Christ is a spiritual entity in heaven. God is watching jealously over her, for she has been bought with a price – the price of blood. That bond of blood can NEVER, EVER be broken. So, if anything comes from civil authorities, know that it did not catch God by surprise. He ordained/allowed it for His own purpose and glory.
    This is the sovereignty of our God over mankind.
    3. What we see today parading itself as the Church of God in Nigeria is DEFINITELY NOT the true Church as God intends. Men have hijacked God’s church and used it to build their personal denominations and empires. Some of these empires can even be inherited along biological lines! (No wonder the government even touched on this point in the retirement directive). # WhatWeCallChurchIsNotWhatGodCallsChurch
    4. The church of today is THE GREATEST HINDERANCE to the advancement of God’s kingdom in Nigeria. The lies that they peddle in the name of God have completely muddled up the simplicity of the genuine Gospel of Christ that saves men and transforms nations. Like the example Jesus gave in Luke 11:52, the church system of today is NOT going to heaven, and it is blocking the way of heaven to others.
    5. For the Kingdom of God to advance in Nigeria, it is totally imperative that God should deal with this massive entity that is hindering His work. Those that have spiritual eyes know fully well that God has retired a lot of the heads of these church systems from His presence a long time ago. They had an office and a name on earth, but they had no access to Jesus’ office at the Headquarters in heaven. That’s why they were just doing their own thing – focussing their energy on massive physical assets, at the expense of the spiritual state of their flock and the nation.
    6. If God does not, somehow, get rid of this lame duck headship of the Church in Nigeria, the ship would just be sailing aimlessly in the ocean of our nationhood. If you are observant, you would have noticed that the Church in Nigeria has religious headship, but barely any SPIRITUAL headship.
    7. In His mercy, God seems to be giving our fathers in the faith A SOFT LANDING. To remove them from the scene, He may have recalled them through death. He may have incapacitated them through endless scandals arising from some of the spiritual atrocities they have committed. And so on, and so forth… God has a lot of ways of dealing with a matter like this. But, because He is a kind Father, He seems to be easing them out in this quiet, almost-dignified way. Just so that we can have a change at the very top of our leadership.
    8. VERY IMPORTANT: None of us dares to mock or laugh at these giants. They have done their shift. They have done their best. Headship in the spiritual terrain is a very, very, very delicate and dangerous task! Satan directs his entire arsenal at leaders. Sadly, our leaders may have made themselves vulnerable, but how many of us can claim to be better? Perhaps, most of us would have done much worse in their shoes! Only God knows…. So, we dare not gloat.
    Rather, we MUST all EARNESTLY pray for these men. We should pray that some of them will re-discover God in retirement (perhaps that’s why He is giving them a second chance to RE-DISCOVER Christ before they see death). So, please, please pray earnestly for them. After all, God still used their ministries to save, and to nurture a lot of us for a while.
    9. Also, let us pray for the incoming leaders. Most of them are hardly different from the out-going leaders! As a matter of fact, most of them will be deliberately handpicked by the out-going leaders to ensure under-the-table continuity. They have worked and dined together for so long that they have become six and half-a- dozen. Trusting them for CHANGE, in the church, will be a continuation of idolatry in another form. Please let us soak them in prayer. Let us pray that God’s purpose for allowing this retirement saga should come to pass speedily. After this retirement, a lot of other sanitisation steps that the out-going leaders have been frustrating will begin to come to light. Please pray that the Lord will take control of the process.
    10. Finally, please LEARN! LEARN!! LEARN!!! God is making a statement about how we have created idols for ourselves in His temple. If you make yourself an idol, ONE DAY, God will cut you down. Pastors, don’t allow men to turn you to an idol! Don’t quietly position yourself as a mini-god, just so that you can exert control over the lives of God’s people. There is nothing like co-Jesus in God’s Church. He ALONE is the star. Tell men to stop calling you ‘Daddy’! There is only ONE Father in the church. We are ALL brethren. If you fail to learn, the repercussions await you – either here on earth, or at the Pearly Gates. God CANNOT be mocked.
    This is a sober time for the Church in Nigeria, please let us all be prayerful. If you have not joined this prayer point that started late last year, please join today. It is on this link – .
    Please join this DAILY prayer. We will all not rest UNTIL the name of Jesus Christ, and Him ALONE, is exalted in this blessed nation called Nigeria.
    Source: Church Watch in Nigeria​


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