World Water Day: We are committed to providing sustainable water resources – CWED


    Engineer Musa Nimrod

    The Executive Director, Centre for Water and Environment Development (CWED), Engr. Musa Nimrod has said that the centre is committed to sustainable water and environmental Resources Development.
    He stated this during the international World Water Day held at the Women Multipurpose Hall Kaduna, adding that the government at all levels would be able to sustain the facilities and structure of water instead of continue to build new structures.
    He lamented that lack of maintaining culture is responsible for the lack of enough supply of water in most of the environment both at community level, state level and Federal Government level, saying that the contractors handling boreholes should be monitored and evaluated for the continued supply of good water for the consumption of general public in the country.
    The executive Director however, said that the aims of CWED include to improve sustainable access to clean water and adequate sanitation for urban and rural areas, to aid and protect natural water sources through raising awareness about the danger associated with contaminating water sources, and to cover the importance of hygiene and sanitation in schools, rural and urban communities and provide support and preventive measures to reduce environmental related diseases such as water borne diseases.
    Earlier, in his paper presentation at the occassion, Engir. Meshach Alfa said that 80 per cent of human death the world over, is related to untreated waste water and according to him, the diseases include cholera, Typhoid, Dysenteries, Guinea worm and sohistosomiasis.
    He therefore stressed the need to pay attention to waste water treatment for human consumption and growth of plants and that the more the population of people continued to increase and the more the more the waste and the more there will be increase in the use of water hence there is need for waste water treatment.
    Also speaking, Dr. Donatus Begianpuye Adie from the Department of Water Resources and Envoromental Engineering Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria said that water is used for many purposes such as drinking, bathing, cooking and for irrigation.
    He also lamented the lack of latrines in our homes especially in villages where people go to bush for defecation which is dangerous to our health, adding that during this rain fall, all flow into streams, brooks and Rivers for human consumption to the detriment of our health.


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