Recession, poverty raising HIV/AIDS prevalence to alarming rate – Dr Adeleye


    dr adeleye
    Recession, poverty raising HIV/AIDS prevalence to alarming rate – Dr Adeleye
    By Achadu Gabriel, kaduna
    Fears that the spread of  the HIV/AIDS scourge may rise astronomically due to increase in the cost of condoms known as a core preventive measure has been re echoed by a researcher and cure claimant. 
    Speaking to journalists on his revolutionary findings, Dr. Ayodele Adeleye who is claiming to have treated and cured many Nigerians of the scourge, including prominent people through his therapy, said the  number of infected persons seems to be increasing.
    He said that from the time of his  discovery and treatment of the disease since 90s, when he retired from ABU Zaria to now, the prevalent had not been rising as now, which motivated him into research.
    Findings conducted within certain radius in the state, according to him, shows that price of common condoms has shot up from the usual N30, N40, N50 to N100 and above, making it essentially impossible for jobless youths to access it in this era of recession.
    “Most of them had to take risks eventually even when they know the implications of what they were doing to themselves and their opponents in the unavoidable circumstances.
    “A lot of young people who flood my office, at Yaro-Medicare now asking for help, evidently portray a poverty ridden nation compared to the past when we assume the tempo of spread was dropping, urging government to urgently take measures to nip situations at bud to save more lives.


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