Fake defections: Glory Emeh fooling Wike – APC



    The Rivers State Chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, said she has taken notice of what appears to be a smart but disingenuous method by Chief Glory Emeh to deceive Gov. Nyesom Wike by presenting faceless, non-existent names and sometimes under-aged hirelings as defecting APC members in return for relevance and huge cash rewards.
    In a statement signed by APC’s Spokesman, Mr. Chris Finebone said, “In pursuance to that scheme, Chief Emeh, having returned to the PDP alone, organised some unsuspecting villagers in his community, took  photographs with them and circulated in the media as APC members that defected to the PDP in his LGA.”
    The Statement reads: “His ongoing style is to bring in rented individuals from neighbouring states in buses to his expansive compound and making audio and visual images of them for the media as APC defectors. Feeling that he has not been very convincing to Gov. Wike, Chief Emeh put in the media this morning that some  elected APC Councillors have defected to the PDP and would soon write to withdraw their matter in the Appeal Court. This is far from the truth as the name mentioned as leading the defectors is non-existent and not known to anyone.
    “However, a cursory scrutiny and various calls from the various LGAs clearly indicate that no such names mentioned as Councillors exist. They are non-existent names churned out by Emeh to convincingly deceive Gov. Wike to ensure fatter payouts and relevance.
    “The APC is not surprised that Chief Emeh has fashioned another dimension to political propaganda by creating non-existent defectors. We believe that having found no vacancy in Wike’s media structure, he decided to be a little more creative as usual of him. This type of creativity has become the subject of pride to him in the past and we are sure he will relish his latest efforts so well. However, the APC is not bothered by such antics because they are mere tools to deceive (and Gov. Wike is the victim this time) for a bite at the pie in the custody of the governor rather than anything to really disturb the APC.
    “The APC in Rivers State calls on Rivers people and Nigerians to ignore the stage-managed defections of hirelings posing as APC members as choreographed and orchestrated by Chief Emeh. It is a no-brainer by him to deceive Gov. Wike for pecuniary returns. APC members in Rivers State are intact. Those who joined us as moles found no work and have since returned to their familiar company.”


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