Unemployment: Bizi Mobile Floats Foundation For Orphans’ Welfare


Alhaji Aminu Bizi (right) fielding questions from newsmen

Worried by the plight being faced by orphans in the society, the Managing Director/CEO of Bizi Mobile Cashless Agency, Alhaji Aminu Bizi has floated a foundation that will assist in alleviating their suffering.
He announced this at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Cashless Policy Sensitization Tour held in Makera, Kaduna South Local Government Area.
According to him, some of the orphans that are adults and are educated find it difficult to secure employment, a situation that leaves them helpless and restless.
“We are concerned about the plight of these orphans and have floated a foundation that would specifically look into their employment needs.
“By God’s grace we would put smile on their faces and if they are not lazy, they would each be earning nothing less than N150,000 monthly,” he assured.
Alhaji Bizi said that the District Head of Kakuri, Alhaji Ibrahim Yusuf has graciously submitted the details of adult orphans that are educated in his domain and they have been offered immediate employment under the Bizi Foundation for Orphans.
On the cashless policy, he said that he was impressed by the interest indicated by Kakuri and environs during the tour of the area.
When asked by newsmen what he told the people that got them excited, he said that they told them that very soon, all their transactions would be done without cash.
“We are telling them the benefits of cashless transactions and how they can do it with ease.   We explained to them how the firewood seller, tomato trader and others can use the Point Of Sales (POS) for their businesses without fearof risks associated with cash,” he said.


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