Nigerian Woman With Disability Bags Global Leadership Award in Argentina


    By ISRAEL BULUS, Kaduna
    Lois Auta, a native of Kaduna State in Northwest Nigeria, has emerged the only African and first disable young global leader of World Economic Forum award to make the 2017 class award in Argentina.
    She returned to Nigeria and was received at the Kaduna international airport amidst pomp and pageantry.
    While fielding question from Journalists, She said,” Its was amazing when I got to Argentina I was the only Young disability young leader from Africa to received the award.
    ” I was affected with polio at the age of two years I didnt see that as a barricade to my future rather a bridge to make my life more influencial,” Lois said.
    According to her,” the collaboration and partnership I got with othe disable organisation will help to explore our potentials.
    Lois, commended her family for believing in her and seeing beyond her predicament.
    “I want to tell you that I am a university graduate,  a CEO and a managing director. I have had  warm handshakes with President Obama and  President Buhari.
    The global award economy winner, observed that if Nigerian government consider and speedily pass the people with disability bill it will help foster and alleviate their plight as a People with vision.
    Lois, a Polio survivor joined 99 other leaders below the age of 40 in Argentina, where she received an award for impacting her generation positively.
    She urged the public and the government to believed on the people with disability, adding I want to also called on the legislature as a matter of urgency pass the disable bill into law which impact positively in the lives.
    “I am partnering with other NGOs related to people vliving with disabilities to support a brilliant initiative that will make them believew in their selves for the betteement of our Country.” Lois said.

    Lois Auta on arrival Kaduna Airport


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