OPINION BY SIMEON NWAKAUDU – Rivers State: Nigeria's tourism and investment destination


    Endowed by nature as the nation’s treasure base, Rivers State is blessed with vast deposits of oil and gas, two functional seaports, an international airport, revived rail network, vast arable land, enhanced security network and a business friendly environment. Rivers State is Nigeria’s undisputed tourism and investment destination.
    The security framework in the state has been deliberately developed by the Wike administration to ensure the growth of the oil and gas industry. Massive international and Indigenous investments in this sector have made the state the headquarters of oil and gas in the country.
    With access to extensive arable land, water resources and two of the largest fertilizer production plants in the country, backed by an agricultural policy that favours public private partnership model for commercial agriculture , Rivers State provides a platform for profitable crop and fish farming for local and international investors to exploit .
    The tourism industry has been robustly nurtured to attract other Nigerians and foreigners to Rivers State. Beach resorts, the New Port Harcourt Pleasure Park, an international airport, two seaports , good network of roads and railway line, tourists have found Rivers State attractive. Governor Wike since assuming the leadership of the state has created an atmosphere that promotes tourism.
    Electricity supply in the industrial regions of the state has been marvelous as a result of the presence of Gas Turbines at Afam and Omoku. The power situation has been made more attractive by the investments by Governor Wike in the independent electrification of key public facilities in the state, just to free up generated electricity for business purposes.
    Business concerns interested in investing in other mineral resources will find out that Rivers State is a destination of choice. It has several solid minerals in commercial quantity.
    Access to quality healthcare in Rivers State is guaranteed. From tertiary medicare to primary healthcare, investors are assured of access to high class medical professionals and facilities. The Braithwaite Specialist Memorial Hospital, Port Harcourt has been upgraded by the Wike administration, while the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital and hospitals owned by international oil and gas companies are open to those in need of quality healthcare services .
    In Nigeria, Port Harcourt is the home of decent, classy hotels. Visitors troop into the city on a daily basis, just to enjoy the warmth, hospitality and friendship of Rivers people. Recent high-profile developments by the Wike administration have strengthened Rivers State’s position as a national hub for hospitality.
    Connection into Rivers State is the easiest in the country. It boasts of all forms of transportation. Air, road, railway and marine transportation. The international airport, two seaports and the railway have created avenues in and out of the state.
    This is a fertile environment for manufacturing. The Trans-Amadi Industrial Layout has been upgraded by the Wike administration to attract local and international investors to the state. Investors are trooping into the state to take advantage of the business friendly climate.
    Return on investments in Rivers State is the best in the country. Investors have access to ready-made local and international markets to sell their products while the Wike administration has strengthened the security architecture and offered tax reliefs/holidays to woo new investors to the state.
    If you are yet to be in Rivers State for your lifetime investments, you are missing out on the best opportunity. Rivers State at 50, is being led by a Golden Governor who has a midas touch. With the transformation on ground by Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike , investors will enjoy an era of financial bliss for choosing Rivers State. Make that wise choice today.
    This is a New Rivers State, Nigeria’s Outstanding Centre of profitable investment.


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