Ekiti to name Government House after Adebayo, threatens to jail violent husbands


    The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has directed that the new Government House, Oke Ayaba, be named after the Governor of the old western region, the late Gen. Adeyinka Adebayo.
    The governor has also threatened to prosecute husbands who beat their wives, saying the state would not condone violence against women in
    Ekiti State.
    Fayose stated these at a meeting with beneficiaries of N5,000 social welfare scheme at the government house in Ado Ekiti on Monday.
    Urging the people to troop out to attend the state burial of Adebayo on Friday, Fayose said, “I have also directed that the new government house and the general hospital in Iyin Ekiti be named after him. This
    is not politics but governance.”
    Fayose also gave a strong warning to men beating their husbands, saying he would ensure their prosecution and imprisonment if there was ‎incriminating evidence against them.
    “We are against violence against women in Ekiti. If you do it and I have evidence against you, you will go to prison.‎
    “There are several ways of dealing with a woman. There is zero tolerance to violence against woman in Ekiti,” he stressed.‎
    The governor told the people that there were ongoing projects in 11 of the 16 Local Government Areas, promising to extend to others.
    He urged the people to support his government to anoint a successor in office that will continue with his good works.
    “What we need is continuity. Lagos is working and the state is developing. This is because there is continuity in government.
    “It is my desire to achieve successes on all fronts. I appeal for your support for my government. I will leave office one day but I will be ‎best remembered for my legacies.
    “When a wrong person is appointed he will destroy all the good works we have done. Never should a wrong person that will leave us in debt ‎be appointed again.
    “If power transit to the person we all choose and we will have access to, he will continue the good job. You will be the one to choose the candidate”, he said.
    The governor urged the people to go for continuous voter registration and obtain their voter cards.
    With the people behind him, Fayose boasted to defeat the All Progressives Congress in the state if election was conducted today, even in the face of federal might.
    “Ekiti people don’t pretend, when they like you they show it to you


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