Emir Sanusi Has Right To Speak When Things Are Going Wrong – Gashash




    By; ACHADU GABRIEL, Kaduna
    Alhaji Mohammed Ibrahim Gashash-led National Tranquillity Movement (NTM), has absolved Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi of any wrong doing for being vocal, saying as father of people, the  Emir has the right to speak when things are going wrong in the society with his subjects.
    The National President of the movement made the remark at the weekend, while addressing both local and international journalists in Kaduna at a press conference he titled: ‘His Highness The Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi II’.
    Alhaji Gashash said even though, emirs are expected to be largely ceremonial leaders and seen at auspicious occasions only where  their presence are noted as a sign of support, no father would be silent when his children are been subjected to unholy situations.
    He said a situation whereby stories of millions and billions stolen from the common wealth of Nigeria is causing severe hardship on citizens including children yet unborn, is unacceptable, and neccessitated such speech.
    “We’ve always understood emirs to be fathers to their people. Traditionally, since independence, emirs have been expected to be largely ceremonial leaders.
    “They are seen at auspicious occasions where it’s mainly their presence that is noted, and seen as a sign of support; all that is good.
    “But what type of father is it that will allow his children to be cheated, brutalised, degraded, demoralised, and will sit on his throne silent?
    “Our notion of Emirs has been largely that, they should be seen as ceremonial leaders, however as a famous philosopher said, ‘not to act is act’. When we hear day by day stories of millions, billions stolen from us, citizens of this country and from children who will come after us, who will speak out?
    “Who will say to the thieves: enough is enough. Let us call a spade a spade. Most of the people who are supposed to speak for the people are seen to be speaking only for themselves,” he said, adding that politicians in the legislative assembly are only interested on how much funds they could get and go back to their constituencies and pose as ‘saviors’.
    Gashash said that instead of condemning Emir Sanusi for his statements, people should re-examine whether traditional rulers have an obligation and should be seen to be more bold to speak up for their people.
    “Maybe we should look again  at what is being said rather than who is saying it,” he said, adding that whether  it was Emir Sanusi or other traditional rulers that spoke or not,  what is important is the issue raised.
    He also said that the world was changing, and the happenings in other parts of the world shows that there is departure from colonial era when traditional structures were set up, urging Nigerians to endeavour to tap from the best minds, hearts and talents to bring about change.
    “If we feel Emir Sanusi is not honouring the emirate by his utterances, let us look at the roles emirates can play in today’s world, a world of the young, like  Emmanuel Macrons,  the people who see the world in a new way,” he maintained.
    Gashash, also chairman Christian /Muslim Alternative to Conflict, also stated that even though it was long he discussed with Sanusi, the emir has best interest of Nigeria at heart for him to remain in the country till date.
     He continued that where the emir made mistakes, it should be pointed out to him, and where his reasonings are wrong. And should be considered, where he made valid points.
    He prayed for God to open  the eyes of those castigating the emir, including all other emirs and traditional rulers, to realise the consequences of their actions to Kano Emirate and its people.


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