Politician Appeals To Northern Governors To Rejuvenate New Nigerian Newspapers

    As the nation marks two years under the present regime, northern governors have been chided over their apparent failure to rejuvenate and turn around the fortunes of the New Nigerian Newspapers founded by Sir, Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna Sokoto.
    Alhaji Sadiq Massala stated this while making the assessment of the present administration under President Muhammadu Buhari.
     He said “It’s unfortunate that the present leadership of Northern Governors have failed to redeem the promises made towards resucitating the company despite the promises made at the inception of this regime “.
    Lamenting their  ‎inability to revive the ailing company, the politician noted that ”the present leadership in the region has done a great disservice to the entire region“
    According to him, “When the immediate past governors failed to revive the company, we thought that is was because of the politics in the country under President Jonathan but two years after and nothing is done by the present leadership “.
    Describing the situation as unacceptable, Massalla maintained that the present northern governors should bury themselves in shame over the plight of the company.
    He described the region as one of the poorest in the country and yet the governors failed to maintain all the structures built by the founding fathers of the region. 
    The management of the company he said shouldn’t wait for anyone, but look inwards towards repositioning the giant media conglomerate.
    Itwas however, reliably gathered that the management of the New Nigerian Newspapers Ltd, publishers of New Nigerian, New Nigerian on Sunday, New Nigerian Weekly and Gaskiya Tafi Kwabo have of recent made decisions that has seen the company bouncing back as a force in the country.
    Its online platform, www.newnigeriannewspaper.com isfast becoming an authoritative news source and it was gasthered that within weeks, the New Nigerian would be back on the newsstands.


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