Kaduna Senator Opposes Building Of Refinery, Sale Of 2000 Houses, Industries


    *kicks against traditional rulers removal, spending of Paris Club support fund

    Senator representing Kaduna Central Senator Shehu Sani has said that they oppose  the planned sale of state government houses, industries built by Baralabe Musa and the proposed building of refinery by the Governor Nasir el-Rufai-led administration, describing it as a wide elephant project.
    The Senator disclosed this in a Democracy Day message to his constituency and Kaduna State people at the time Zaria people paid him a courtesy visit on Monday in Kaduna.
    He said “What the people of Zaria that visited me relayed are testimonials that show the  high level of problems and challenges we face as a people in respect of the state here.
    “I am 100% opposed  to the attempt by the state government to remove the district heads in Kaduna State,” he said, adding that the traditional rulers play a very important roles in restoring peace.
    “They have played a very important roles in restoration of peace and harmony  in Kaduna State and must be preserved.
    “We also unreservedly condemning and opposed  to attempts by the state government to sell over 2,000 houses which we, APC, inherited from the the previous administrations.
    “If goveonor el-Rufai is interested in selling houses, he should build his houses and sell it, and should not sell the house he inherited.
    “We are also deeply concerned about the amount of money allocated to Kaduna State as federal revenue which is not commensurate with the level of  happenings within the state. There is need for the governor of the state to tell us how he officially intends to spend the Paris support funds.
    “Hundreds of millions of dollars have been given to states governors but we don’t know where that money is going in Kaduna State up till now.
    “We also hear that there is attempt to build a refinery in Kaduna. There are lots of questions you need to ask yourself. One,  the existing Kaduna Refinery is operating in full capacity. What ‘ll be the use of having another refinery in Kaduna.
    “Secondly, how can a government of  a state saying that it saying  it will not involve in building or running industry, be selling over 30 industries built by Baralabe Musa, why is he building another one?
    “Everyone knows that you cannot run a refinery with electricity from  Kafuna Electricity Distribution Company (KAEDCO),  running by independent power supply.
    “Secondly the runing cost of a refinery is over a hundred million Naira per day, and which fund will Kaduna State refinery  use to run such a refinery.
    “He is giving contract to a Chinese company to build refinery in Kaduna, other companies bided for that contract, that must have been  tendered, and there must  bidders,  where did the bidding take place in Kaduna State for us to hear that Chinese company won.
    “Does the construction merit el-Rufai’s 2017 Kaduna Budget? Did Kaduna State Assembly appropriate money to construct refinery?
    “Why wild elephant? You cannot run refinery without  crude oil. Your buying crude oil from Niger Republic from which money. Meanwhile, there is no filling station in Kaduna with queue now.
    “Fuel is abundant here. Are we going to build refinery that later be privaitised to some people. We are not going to agree. We’ll stand against it.
    ” Build schools, roads, healthcare centers for people,” he maintained.
    Sani also said “We are here today to welcome a very strong delegation of a group and association of young men and women from Zaria City and environs.
    “This is one of the so many visits I’ve been receiving, but this is very special because it is happening on Democracy Day. A day when  all Nigerians are taking stock of what has happened in the last two years in life of the current democratic dispensation of the government under APC.
    “As a Senator representating this zone and from Kaduna State, I am duty bound to talk to our electorate,  our achievements and challenges.
    “Last two years as a Senator, I’ve been able to raise about 15 bills and 25 motions in the NASS.


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