BB4P/US Embassy Establish Latest Peace Zone In Taraba

    The Basketball For Peace (BB4P) has established its newest Peace Zone in Jalingo, Taraba State thus influencing many more Youth to “Seek Knowledge from the Cradle to the Grave”.
     According to a statement signed by the Assistant Programme Manager BB4P, Mr. Edward Tox, the Jalingo, Taraba State BB4P/US Embassy Workshop was declared open by the Galadima of Muri  in the person of Alhaji Tukur Abba Tukur when he shot the ball into the basket of the newly erected Taraba State PEACE Zone Up-Right.
    The crowds of more than 100 people were highly excited seeing their Traditional leader scoring a basket. HRH was highly impressed with the turn-out and he assured Coach OBJ that he would definitely support BB4P for the many positive life changing opportunities from which his Youth can benefit; especially in his domain where many youth are taking drugs and joining bad gangs to create unrest in the society. 
    BB4P is considered by many as the only complete grassroots NGO that is influencing our youth of today to embrace peace, go to school  and see Basketball as a skill for a brighter future.
    The three-day 1stto 3rd June, 2017 BB4P/US EMBASSY Sponsored Workshop which took place at Government Day Secondary School Nyamasala, Taraba State enlightened all participants on the Rules of maintaining PEACE which we all know ‘but fail too often to implement’ because we expect others to maintain the peace while we ourselves are not peaceful.
    The true meaning of conflict as recognized by BB4P was discussed; how Conflict works both negatively and positively. How to mediate in Negative Conflicts and what qualities are necessary for a good and peaceful leader.
    The Operation Manager of BB4P, Engr. Ibrahim, I. Enesi, enlightened the participants on the basic leadership skills and expressed the need to establish peace clubs in all the participating Schools to carry-out some Community Outreach Peace Projects as a means to enlightening all Students and their communities about the need for peace to reign.
    Dr. Temuso David, a 2011 graduate of ABU, Zaria shared more light on the topic of peace, in an interactive session with all participants. As peace is the main focus of BB4P every presentation touched on one aspect of Peace or the other, so in summary all agreed that some of the main ‘rules’ governing PEACE are respect, honesty, tolerant and dialogue. Like Basketball there must be ‘rules’ before a successful match can be completed which is the real reason the acronym BB4P is an ideal combination for PEACE.
    Peter Odaudu, an ex-national Basketball Player now second-in-command at the NDLEA Jalingo spoke extensively to all participants on ‘drugs’, how they do more harm to a person life than the short term gratification that many first time users and beginning youth experience.  The slogan “No To Drugs And Yes To Life” was echoed out loudly by all participants at the workshop.
    The “State Assembly Chairman Sports Committee,  Hon. Nuru Dan Tsoho expressed his surprise and delight to BB4P for bringing the BB4P/US Embassy system for development to Taraba State and he assured Coach OBJ (Program Manager) that he personally would support the BB4P project in Taraba State and in a few months would sponsor his own edition of the monthly Secondary Schools Competition.
    The BB4P 4 A-Side (2 boys & 2 girls on each team) was demonstrated so all the 11 secondary schools selected from around the State were present, with their Game masters and students could see and understand the format and the ‘Rules’. Copies of ‘Hints for Teaching/Coaching’ were distributed to all the Games Master/Mistresses. The Taraba State BB4P coordinator, Ahmadu Abba was given full control of the Taraba State BB4P PEACE ZONE Portable Up-Right so that maximum use by all participating schools would not be hindered.
    Food security was another important topic which BB4P brought to the attention of participants instead of eating fruit and just throwing the seeds anyhow one could just dig a hole and put the seed inside and if done in the raining season it would germinate on its own; if done in the dry season only one cup of water would be required 3 times a week for one month, then our Almighty GOD would take-over and give us fruit in 3 to 5 years. Maybe, planting the seed in an old tyre to start would be more assuring that indeed the seed would have a better chance to grow into a full fruit-bearing tree.
    To assure that the BB4P Taraba Project continue and grow the list of ten BB4P VETERANS was made and confirmed and that the membership fee would be one basketball and a commitment to attend the 2 scheduled Basketball practice a week.
    The coordinator, Ahmadu Abba organized the first BB4P Veterans practice on Saturday June 3rd at 5:30pm which had seven Veterans in attendance; they all agreed to support the BB4P Taraba State Project.
    Prizes and Gifts were awarded to outstanding participants while programs, posters, certificates, Tee-Shirts and stipends were given to all Participants.
    Everyone who participated was highly impressed with the Taraba State BB4P/US EMBASSY Program and lamented that it was indeed a welcome Project. 
    The BB4P Project which was started in 2003 at ABU, Zaria, Kaduna State as a result of the violence conflicts, which claimed the lives of many Youth, has established more than 50 Peace Zones (Half-Court Basketball Facilities) in more than 30 Local Government Areas (LGA’s) in 16 States to address the issue of PEACE as it concerns Youth and the Communities in which they all live.


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