Jam'iyar Matan Arewa Frowns At Agitations For Nigeria's Break-up, Pushes For Stakeholders Forum


    Jam’iyar Matan Arewa (JMA) has joined several other groups and individuals in frowning  at the agitations for the break-up of Nigeria, while calling for a stakeholders forum where such issues can be addressed amicably.
    In a statement signed by the Interim President JMA, HE, Pamela Sadauki, the group expressed worries over recent developments.
    “We of the JMA as mothers, wives and sisters have read with a heavy heart the agitations for the breakup of our dear Nation by our youth and we wish to appeal to them for calm and peaceful coexistence.
    “JMA therefore wishes to draw the attention of everyone in this great Nation to this very unfortunate development,” it stated.
    The group explained that given the unfortunate situation that the country has found itself today, they are hopeful that the youth will be bridge builders and patriotic towards nation building for a peaceful coexistence and not engage in negative agitations that will put the nation in jeopardy.
    “Our history is full of gruesome scenarios and restlessness that have brought about horrific memories and we must be able to learn from our history to avoid further violence.
    We note some of the frustrating situation arising for the agitation for the breakup, but if you go by the global trend of nation breaking up, these nations still have not found the very core of the need of peace for coexistence.
    “Ours can therefore not be different; we must learn from these and come up with viable solutions to our special needs,” it added.
    JMA therefore, called on the government to recognize these agitations and call for a stakeholder’s forum with the sincerity of purpose that would address this very unfortunate situation.
    “As mothers, wives and sisters, we would sincerely like to appeal to our dear youths to sheath their swords and embrace peace so that Nigeria will continue to be great and be an example to other nations to follows,” it concluded.


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