Re-Emir's Aides And Mechanic


    It has come to my notice some story making the rounds in the social media about a ‘car of His Royal Highness, Alhaji Muhammadu Abali Ibn Muhammadu Idriss, that has caused a court case between the Emir’s aides and a mechanic’.
    While I am not holding brief for his royal highness, I want to categorically state that the story was not correct.
    In the first place, the Emir’s cars are taken to companies for repairs and not roadside mechanics and in any case the story fell short in revealing the reason for the court case which has no relationship whatsoever with the reverred Emir or any of his cars.
    The mechanic, by his insinuations, may have an agenda that is not entirely noble but the Emir is not one to be bothered by hints of mischief.
    Being a law abiding citizen who exhorts his subjects to be law abiding, the Emir frowns at any lawlessness by anybody and encourages people, aides or not, to seek redress through legal means.
    However, I will soon come out with full details of the issue between the aides and the mechanic.


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