Don’t Arrest Those Behind Kaduna Declaration, Make Them Withdraw The Statement, Hakeem Baba-Ahmed Appeals



    The threat of arrest of those behind the Kaduna Declaration, threatening to expel the Igbos from Northern Nigeria should not be effected, but instead, they should be made to recant on their earlier stand, in the interest of peaceful co-existence.

    Chief of Staff to the Senate President, Dr. Hakeem Baba Ahmed expressed this while speaking to newsmen who paid him an Eid-el-Fitr visit at his residence in Kaduna.

    He faulted the action of government most particularly that of Kaduna State on calls for their arrest, stressing that, instead they would have been invited and made to understand the consequencies of their speech.

    “Clearly when somebody is threatening another person, the government has the responsibility to act but there are so many ways. If those young people that you want to arrest, you  call them and tell them to sit down, tell them you understand their frustration and anger but they are wrong. Tell them you want them to recant what they did, by organising a new press conference   and  say no harm for anybody,” he said.

    Speaking further, he said that there is the need to warn all groups and individuals in the country that no matter who they are, their religion or tribe in anywhere they come from trying to disturb the peace of the country, the law should take its full course

    He said that it was unfortunate  that the development was allowed to reach this level.

    “When Kanu was castigating so many people, Igbo leaders were pleading for his release. Since the court of law of the Federal Republic of  Nigeria said they  should release him, so was released. After they granted his bail and he came out, he continued with his bad utterances  and actions which are threatening the peace of this country. It was a mistake they made,  leaders who pleaded for his release, instead of calling him and advicing him not to do this and not to do that and they allowed him talking anyhow that led the young people to come and make the comment on Igbo,” he submitted.

    On the EId-el-Fitri, congratuled all the Muslims and non Muslims, while thanking the Almighty Allah for keeping all alive to see the beginning and the end of Ramadan.

    “And also may the Almighty Allah answer all our prayers that we make,  to forgive all our mistakes that we made and the sacrifice at Ramadan and forgive us and bless us and may the Almighty Allah lead us to see many more coming, bring peace and prosperity in our entire country.


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