PDP National Chairmanship Ruling: Princewill Lauds Supreme Court



    Prince Tonye Princewill has hailed the Supreme Court ruling over who ought to be the rightful national Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party which favored the Ahmed Markafi-led National Working Committee, NWC.

    Mr. Princewill in response to the judgement said: “I want to thank the Supreme Court for denying old PDP a chance to hide away and show up tomorrow with a brand new face. Nigerians know this PDP and are familiar with not only its ways, but its characters. The devil we know is better. He is much easier to defeat.”

    He noted that, “For the neutrals or the progressives in PDP, you now have a clear choice. There are no vacancies in PDP. The top is heavy, so there is little or no room for growth. You can either go back or move forward. Here in Rivers state we have two seaports, two airports, massive land and enviable resources. Are you feeling it? You need a government that does not give excuses.”

    Continuing he said, “If your answer is No. You know where to come. Join us at the only place where vacancies exist for people like you. Where good candidates stand a very good chance and only a level playing field will suffice. A party where youths lead and winning requires a team. Work is about to start, so unless you prefer to come after the soup has been cooked, join us now.”

    “I and many others will be here to welcome you to the APC. I promise you. You will see many more people like you” Princewill said. He predicted that many in the PDP who were hoping for a new direction will find that APC is now their best chance


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