By Edwin Uhara

    The campaign of calumny waged against Nigeria’s Minister of Interior, retired Lieutenant General Abdulrahman Bello Dambazau by Patriotic Christian Youth of Nigeria and other similar organisations in the country is the most act of un-charitable reward to hardwork, excellence, selfless services and national sacrifice.

    Since his appointment as Minister of Interior, General Dambazau has sacrificed everything; including his personal comfort, liberty and priviledges on the altar of selfless services and national sacrifice to the country.

    This was seen on the day of Eid-el-Fitr in which the Honourable Minister sacrificed his religious belief and practices for Nigeria’s national interest by embarking on prison decongestion visits despite the fact that such a day was public holiday.

    Hence, it is ridiculous and unbelievable that a cult of an insensitive and chauvinistic youths would hide under the unbrella of Chritian religion to call for the removal of the Honourable Minister on an issue under great control.

    Therefore, reading religious and ethnic meaning to the unfortunate crisis in Taraba State on whose account the ”Christian sect” is calling for the removal of the minister is the highest display of ignorance, jaundiced and myopic mentality to national issues and sensitivity.

    For the records, since General Dambazau inherited the herdsmen/farmers crisis, he has transversed the length and breath of Nigeria addressing the root-causes of the crisis through stake-holders meeting, regional conferences and townhall discussions with the representatives of all the affected persons and interest groups in the various states and towns of Nigeria and beyond. Some of these states includes; Delta State, Cross-River State, Osun State, Anambra State, Kaduna State, Taraba State among others.

    So, for a faceless group without a website or street address to hide under the anonymity of the internet to accuse the workaholic and detribalised minister of ethnic chauvinism amounts to open display of schizophrenia which is an affront to the concept and principles of media freedom.

    Nigerians are advised be wary of the activities of such organisation and similar groups in the country!

    General Dambazau unapologetically remains committed to tackling all forms of crisis and threats to Nigeria’s internal security and would not be deterred by the antics of scallywags who serves as loose-cannon in the hands of Nigeria’s real enemies.

    Comrade Edwin Uhara, a Journalist and Public Affairs Commentator writes from Enugu. He can be reached via


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