Ubah Urges Corruption Committee To Respond To His Application




    The Chairman of  EN’ Adikwu Petroleum limited, Col John  IP Ubah (RTD) has asked the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption to as a matter of urgency hasten its response to his application of corruption to influence misconduct in his suit No. KDH/KAD/492/02 EN’Adikwu Petroleum Limited VS Lawrence Enyesiobi and 5 others.

    According to him, he had on November 21, 2016 forwarded an application to the Director General, Department of State Security (DSS) and is disturbed that nothing has been done with no action or response taken.

    Said he, “I wrote a reminder to my appeal and is still surprised six months after not an action has been taken. This  is in reference to my appeal for re-assignment of the stated Suit from Kaduna High Court of Justice 10 to another Court”.

    He emphasized that a follow up reference letter of appeal dated May 11, 2017 was sent to the office Advisory Committee Against Corruption in Abuja and he is amazed that nothing has been heard till now.

    Col Ubah (RTD) a former Military Administrator of Kebbi State added that he is surprised that after making a genuine report of corruption to appropriate authorities and the acknowledgment of the Presidential Committee on Corruption  of a receipt of the letter (report) he wrote dated December7, 2016, the DSS was yet to treat the report.

    “ To me this is aimed at frustrating my report of corruption in my case stated earlier”,  he stressed


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