Fayose Opens Up On Why He’s Against Buhari


    Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Governors Forum and the Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose on Monday said he does not hate President Muhammadu Buhari but only saying Nigeria needs a hale and healthy President.

    Governor Fayose who stated this in Ibadan while speaking with newsmen after the PDP SW zonal meeting also hinted that he will be declaring his 2019 Presidential ambition on October 1, this year.

    He emphasized that contrary to the insinuation by some people that he never wished President Buhari well, his constant criticism of the President is not for personal hatred for him but that “he is playing his role as a PDP party man which he had been playing before President Buhari won 2015 election.”

    “Somebody who is not fit cannot help the masses. We need a president that is hale and healthy. That is a story for another day. If our president refuse to come back, then, he should remain minister of foriegn affairs in London or Ambassador to UK.I don’t hate him because I have started my own before election. Leadership must come with a certain level of strength. If you don’t have the strength, you cannot govern a state.” he said.

    Governor Fayose added “why didn’t they take me to London? They obviously know very well that I will listen to the man whether his voice is impair or not. I’ll be able to tell the whole Nigeria the truth. You cannot hang up to power when you are physically unfit”.

    According to the Ekiti state governor, “somebody who is not fit cannot help the masses” saying,” we need a president that is hale and healthy.That is a story for another day. If our President refuse to come back, then, he should remain minister of foriegn affairs in London or Ambassador to UK.”

    “Any democracy without opposition ends up in autocracy. Opposition keeps the government of the day to their promises and the benefits of the masses. The power of a man does not include you to kill or to incarnates which some of us are running away from but it will surely come one day. Shame to a man that can kill and cannot wake. That is the more reason you have to stand up for something, otherwise, so many things will gang up against you.”

    Speaking further, Governor Fayose hinted that he will officially declare on October 1, since he is eligible to vie for any political office in Nigeria as a citizen of the country, saying, “it’s my right as a Nigerian citizen to come to declare that I want to contest an election. I am educated and today have some experience politically. I am vast in public administration, people want me and I will vie for presidency”.

    ” Under whatever circumstances, I will contest and prioritise the interest of the people. We voted for Buhar for APC and Buhari to develop the country but they failed to provide good governance. Nigerians want Whoever that can develop the country because they want peace and comfort from their leaders.”

    The governor while  maintaining that “Nigerians are hungry and suffering they don’t want to suffer again’ said “we will have to send them packing come 2019″,saying, ” today, we are in opposition and tomorrow, we will be in government.”

    “The history of my life is enough for me to know that if you fall, that doesn’t mean that you cannot rise. In fact, it gives you better opportunity to direct your life and rise again. If you rise, you will be able to know better. Maybe if I didn’t fall, I wouldn’t have been a governor today. At that time, it was like hour of darkness and today, I am one of the strength of our party. This party must be protected and we are holding a trust for Nigerians. Most people doesn’t know what to say because they are frustrated. They are disturbed. There is nobody to help them. Sometimes, you cannot give medication to the sick but your words of encouragement can lift them. Most of us cannot give money to the masses and we cannot tar their roads but when they listen to messages you send to them everyday, they know one day, hope will come for them.”

    Source: New Nigerian


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