Shehu Sani,  Restoration Group Trying To Truncate Democracy, APC Youth Vanguard Cries Out


    All Progressives Congress (APC), Kaduna Youth Vanguard has cried out that Senator Shehu Sani, his Akida Group as well as the Kaduna Restoration Group are bent on truncating democracy because Governor Nasir el-Rufai refused to share the state’s bailout fund with them.

    The group expressed this in a statement jointly signed by its Coordinator, Comrade Zubairu Mukhtar and its Secretary,  Comrade Richard Augustine.                                                                           .

    “It has become so necessary for us to come out and speak this time because we see a situation where some individuals in the state are trying to truncate Democracy simply because his Excellency Mallam Nasir El-Rufai has since refused them taking from (Paris Bail out funds) for their personal loots what belongs to the people, so they result to cheap criticism of Mallam Nasir El-Rufai Administration.

    “It is with great displeasure that makes this press statement today. It is so disheartening and very unfortunate that thugs would go to the extend of invading the Kaduna state secretariat of the Nigerian Union of Journalist to the extent of harassing  and intimidating Journalists right inside their premises. These are the same thugs Sen Shehu Sani has been deceiving to unleash mayhem on the peace enjoyed in Kaduna, as Nemesis would catch up with their evil plans, the thugs in-turn unleashed same to them and exposing all their conspiracies.

    “This is  also because the youth were tired of all the lies and deceit told to them by Sen. Shehu Sani in trying to buy his way of contesting for the Governorship seat. The youth believe so much in the leadership style of Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and they cannot be use by any political masquerade not even the likes of Shehu Sani, Sen Sulieman Hunkuyi or Isa Hashiru who  only worries about media propaganda to dent the Governors image and that of the political adviser,” it said.

    The group said that Governor el-Rufai remains committed to the fight against corruption, while those fighting him, portray corruption.

    “Their activities portray corruption fighting back.  It is a show of shame if the likes of Sen. Suleiman Hunkuyi, Isa Ashiru, Tijjani Ramalan, Haruna Sa’id and co would reduce themselves to be like puppets to Shehu Sani. We strongly believe he must have lied and deceived them like he always does. Even though Shehu Sani would go ahead criticizing El-Rufai, Governor Nasir El-rufia has continue to demonstrate maturity and would always do so by providing security to all and sundry in the State.

    “The action of the so called Restoration or Akida group, is a true reflection of their intension to milk and loot the state treasury like they have always done in their formal party the PDP. We are not surprise that the likes of Alh.Tijani Ramalan is part of  the kangaroo movement. We all know he is from Nasarawa State and not Kaduna State yet he is being treated and accepted by Kaduna people, but he remain a bigot who has been fighting this administration for carrying every one along irrespective of affiliation. The same Alh. Tijani Ramalan has benefited from Rivers State in the second republic where he took appointment as an aide to the then Governor of Rivers State.

    “The same man was still part of the people that milked the Kaduna state treasury when they were all in PDP, we are also aware of all the escapades he did, to the extent of awarding state contracts to his children. He Alh. Tijani Ramalan lacks the moral justification to criticize Mallam Nasir El-Rufia because he is known for mischievous acts,” it stated.

    The group further explained that: “We also want to put on record that the Mallam Nasir El-Rufia led  administration cannot let any form of illegalities and award of contracts that don’t exist. This is APC government where you work and earn a living not like previous administration that has made the likes of Sen. Suleiman Hunkuyi, Isa Ashiru  and Haruna Sa’id to be so lazy and depend solely on diversion of public funds. We challenge Sen. Suleiman Hunkuyi, Isa Ashiru and Haruna Sa’id  to show the world their achievement and antecedence. We are also aware that Sen Sulieman Hunkuyi is among the forerunners who are opposed to the Not to Young to Run Bill that has just been pass by the National Assembly that shows how self centered the senator is.

    “The formation of the Akida and the Restoration group was as the result of his Excellency Mallam Nasir El-Rufia refusal to share the Paris club Fund. So the result to using the congress as a base to fight this government. Of cause as the name implies “RESTORATION” they want to restore looting of public funds but they will never succeed. We also want to make this known to the world that all the persons that form this group are new to our great party so we must trade carefully with them.

    “Therefore, In the strongest terms, we condemn the act in it’s totality and lend our voices to that of His Excellency Mallam Nasir El-Rufai in condemning the act and call for investigation, apprehension and prosecution of the perpetrators of this dastardly act. We also commend the efforts of the state Government and the stand His Excellency took on the matter, it shows the State government commitment to securing lives and property,” it emphasized.

    The statement further said that however, the issues must be stated clearly, journalists are trained to be un-biased professionals to report information and news as suppose rather than meddle into politics especially where some party members become desperados for power.

    “A situation were journalists report what is unrealistic, taking sides in matters of politics is totally unprofessional. Here is a case were a journalist is playing the scripts writing by the so called Akida group to the extend of putting his life on the line to get money and cars donation from Sen Shehu Sani and Tijjani Ramalan.

    “It is a fact that Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and the Political Adviser were not anywhere close to the party office not to talk of the NUJ Secretariat where the press conference took place, so we wonder how some party stalwarts would ignorantly follow someone like Shehu Sani. For Shehu Sani to bring the political adviser and the Governor into their failed meeting and stampeded press conference is rather unfortunate.

    “Instead of the organizers of this meeting to concentrate on working hard to better the lives of their people they are busy building Castles in the air, the good people of Kaduna State knows how petty the organizers of the failed meeting and Stampeded press conference are. Rather than representing the constituent, They are always busy trying to find fault in His Excellency and his Political Adviser who are very busy impacting lives and restoring the State lost glory.

    “We are all card carrying party faithful, the question we ask are: How come they forgot that due process was not followed in calling for the failed meeting, if they had followed due process, the national Exco and the State Exco don’t have any reason not to attend the meeting. By this act, they have shown the world how desperate they are for power. Whatever petition they are writing to the party at the center it would not hold water. These questions are still unanswered:  1. Was it Mallam Nasir El-Rufai or the political adviser that conducted the party congress that Shehu Sani would accuse the political adviser of doctoring the delegate list?
    2. How would a right thinking person just seat down and begin to allege that the Political Adviser can just doctor the list of party delegate when we have a party executive? 3. Is the political adviser the party chairman? Or is he a member of the party executive? We must be fare to ourselves and to democracy and stop all the blame game just because some people are losing political relevance. Only the State executive that have the constitutional right to call for any party meeting of activities, because they have failed to obey the rules as stated by the party that was the reason why the party at the center could not identify with them.

    “We as a vangard in Kaduna State have refuse to acknowledge the so called Akida or Restoration group we don’t know them and we would resist them in any form. We are also aware of an allegation to dent the image of the Nigeria police force by this people.

    “It is so un-civilize for Shehu Sani and his co-conspirators  to allege that a Divisional Police Officer would usher thugs to go an harass  him a serving Senator in the Secretariat of Nigeria Union of Journalist. This is maliciously wicked to the Nigeria police. It is on record that a police officer was beating, his uniform turn all in the name of providing security for the organizers of the press conference. In the light of the above, we condemn in strong terms any form of attack on the Nigeria police.

     “The organizers should be held responsible for the assault on Police officers on duty. An assault to a police officer is an assault to the IGP. OUR PRAYERS All the organizers of the meeting and press conference must conduct themselves well and follow the doctrines of the party and wait for the leadership of the party at the state to call for any form of meeting. Shehu Sani and his like must refrain from attacking the Governor and the political adviser The organizers must tenders an apology to NUJ Kaduna State chapter and the IGP for gathering thugs to assault on journalist and police officers.

    “Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and the political Adviser are very busy touching  lives and taking Kaduna State to the list of competing States in Nigeria, so they must not be  distracted by power mongers. Finally we urge all to abide by the party rules so that we can always stand tall in the state.”


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