Curtain Falls On Savannah Conference Six Play-offs



    Hostilities in the Kwese Premier League Savannah Conference Six Play-offs will climax today (Saturday August 19) at the lndoor Hall of the Murtala Square Kaduna. After playing four games each since the opening day of the championship, defending champions, Kano Pillars remain the only unbeaten team winning all their matches. Wednesday was observed as rest day. On Monday, Kano Pillars defeated Gombe Bulls 104-97, beat Kada Stars 91-58 on Tuesday and defeated Bauchi Net 85-44 on Thursday after resumption of play following Wednesday’s rest day.

    Against Niger Potters which had not lost any game before meeting the defending champions, Pillars humiliated the Minna boys by 103-71 points.

    So far, only Kada Stars have not won a game in the play-offs that will see four teams advance from the Savannah Conference to play four other teams in the Atlantic Conference next month in Kano. Kada lost their first game to Plateau Peaks 69-88, lost the second match 58-91 to Kano Pillars, third to Gombe Bulls 53-90 and yesterday narrowly to Bauchi Net 70-73.

    Gombe Bulls bounced back from two earlier loses to Kano Pillars 97-104 and 105-106 against Niger Potters to win two straight wins against Kada Stars 53-90 and Plateau Peaks 90-57. They however have a must win game on Saturday against neighbours Bauchi Net to book a place in Final 8. Bauchi Net have so far won only a game against the whipping team of the Conference, Kada Stars 73-70 and like Kada are also technically out of qualification after losing three games. The race for qualification and classification is what has heightened confrontation within the last two days. Kano Pillars, Niger Potters, Gombe Bulls and Plateau Peaks look good to scale through depending on the last games on Saturday particularly for Peaks and Bulls.

    Meanwhile, the final games at the Conference holds as from 10am to 4pm to accommodate Conference champions line up in team jersey, remarks and presentation of trophy to Conference champions.

    Saturday’s Fixtures

    Gombe Bull vs Bauchi Net
    Kano Pillars vs Plateau Peaks
    Niger Potters vs Kada Stars


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