Nigerian Police, Businessmen Lament As Kano Hisbah Atrocities Persist

    Following last Saturday’s crushing of a police officer on duty by Hisbah’s Zakariyya Usman due to reckless driving, the victim Sergeant Adamu Garba is continuously weeping and lamenting uncontrollably at the Murtala Mohammed Specialist Hospital Kano.
    When approached by newsmen at his hospital bed, Adamu Garba simply said “I could  have died if not for God”
    Other Ranking Police officers who spoke on the basis of anonymity said”Hisbah guys don’t drive with caution, especially in the night, mostly at our check points we have to run for safety when their cars drive past us. We have been complaining of these acts of impunity to Hisbah Service Board but no action has being taken until this unfortunate incident “
    “People say we are corrupt but I pity Kano business men at times because Hisbah chases trailers at odd hours of the night and demand for bribes and when they refuse, they tag them offensive names and confiscate their goods “
    Confirming these allegations, another business mogul in Dawakin Kudu Local Government Area who pleaded anonymity for fear of victimisation said “Hisbah men led by Fu’ad Yusha’u and Zakariyya Usman seized shada materials and female dresses from him worth one million Naira early this year after demanding one hundred thousand Naira from him, which he told them he didn’t have.
    “They said I am traveling in the night with sexy and contraband goods. They have being doing this to us especially in the night. Please government can do her own investigations quietly and catch them, they are not honest people, especially O. C Fu’ad Yusha’u, he treathened me that if I report them, he will rundown my business,” he explained.
    It would be recalled that just last week, a  45-year old police Sergeant  attached to the Dawakin Kudu Divisional Police Station in Kano State was  crushed by a reckless Hisbah driver.
    Investigations revealed that the policeman by name Sergeant Adamu Garba who was at his duty post on Saturday  by 11pm was hit by the reckless Hisbah driver Zakariyya Usman  who was driving against traffic on one-way along Zaria road, crushing his two legs, one of his arms and part of his head.
    Sources revealed that Fu’ad Yusha’u is O.C operations of Hisbah who commanded  the driver to take one-way, against traffic to catch up with a trailer.


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