Cervical Cancer: Formulate Policy On Vaccination Of Female Children U-12, University Don Tells FG



    A University Don, Prof. G.O. Avwioro has called on the Federal
    Government to formulate a National policy to vaccinate female children
    below the ages of twelve to prevent cervical cancer in women in the
    next twenty to thirty years,

    Prof. Avwioro made the call during a lecture he delivered at the 19th
    Annual National Conference& AGM organized by the National Body of the
    Guild of Medical Laboratory Directors, GMLD which held at the PTI
    Confere Centre, Effurun in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State.

    “First is to have it as National Policy where all children below the
    age of 12 are vaccinated against human papiloman virus.”

    Prof. Avwioro who is of the Delta State University, Abraka noted that
    the vaccine is expensive but he also expressed the belief that same
    can be subsidized so as to reduce and eradicate cancer of the cervis
    from the society.

    Prof. Avwioro stated that the causes of cancer includes Physical,
    chemical and biological stressing that several chemicals which
    previously were not known to be carcinogens are now thought to causing

    The Academician who opined that the hospitals in Nigeria are well
    funded to tackle cancer and other diseases noted that the major
    problem in the country  is “management”.


    According to him, “The Chief Medical Directors are Medical Directors
    who are heads of these hospitals and not well positioned.  I do not
    want to use the word that they are poor managers. But essentially,
    they are not well positioned in running the teaching and specialists
    hospitals and indeed all other hospitals. And there are many reasons for this.

    “The Management of the hospitals do not understand priorities . They
    need to priorities all the activities in the hospitals in order to achieve maximum healthcare delivery.”


    Earlier in an address, GMLD’s National President, Mrs. Chioma Austin
    Onuorah  stated that the major challenge plaguing the guild is
    “quackery” stressing that the Government who is supposed be custodian
    of law is the one who sometimes ignorantly permit same in the

    Onuorah noted that the GMLD has been engaging advocacy and discussions
    with the quacks with a view to sensitize and make turn a new leaf even
    though its has identified that government has been making mistakes.

    “Quackery means when you have people who are not trained, Parading
    themselves and operating as though they have received training before
    now without license.”

    “That has been our major problem and it’s unfortunate that this
    quackery permeats community, our society eve to the extent that our
    own Government who is the custodian of law are the ones who sometimes
    ignorantly permit this quackery to continue to go on.”

    Onuorah stated that the GMLD focused on “Cancer”  particularly, early
    diagnosis so that people can receive treatment early.

    Onuorah appealed to Governement at all levels to partner the GMLD so
    as to assist her in reaching out to the maases where they have not
    been unable to reach.”

    Onuorah disclosed that the GMLD will conduct a wild scale screening to
    detect people who are beginning or who are in the middle and still


    “We are hoping that government will collaborate with us because, we
    are pool of skilled professionals and they should tap from that pool
    and see if they can convert this pool to meaningful assistance to the
    government to provide health care services to the masses.”


    The National Body of the Guild of Medical Laboratory Directors, GMLD
    today conferred  Awards on the Delta and Anambra State Governors,
    Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa and Willie Obiano for their contributions to the
    health sector as well as regular payment of salaries of civil


    The GMLD specifically conferred the award on Governor Ifeanyi Okowa in
    recognition of his role in the health sector just as it conferred the
    “Excellent Leadership”Award on Governor Willie Obiano for his rapid
    infrastructural development of Anambra State.

    The Delta State Chairman of the Guild of Medical Laboratory Directors
    and Chairman LOC, Chief Peter Odafe Ntukume explained the criteria
    used in conferring the awards on the two governors.

    Ntukume explained thus, “We looked at the one of Anambr, the way he
    has developed Anambra  and that is why we gave him the award. Then,
    the Delta State Governor, We looked at some programmes the wife has.
    For instance, the wife has a programme concerning Sickle Cells where a
    lot of people are suffering. Just to try to develop some other things
    in health. Those are the areas we looked at. Not like because we saw
    him as performing too well but we looked at those essential areas and
    we recognized them.”

    “For Anambra State, because he pays salaries regularly while Governor,
    Okowa, we looked at his actions in certain areas. Also the wife’s role
    is under the husband. They recognized sickle cell that is plaguing
    this part of the world . We are the one suffering from sickle cell
    presently in the tropical zones.”


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