Delta@26: There’s Nothing To Celebrate, Warri Based Lawyers Declare, Lament Infrastructural Decay


    Warri based lawyers on Saturday August 26 stated that there’s no cause
    for celebration as the Delta State Government marks 26years of
    creation as they lamented the height of infrastructural decay which
    includes courts in the state.

    The lawyers spoke separately with AUTHENTIC News Daily
    Warri, Delta State Correspondent on Saturday.

    One of the lawyers, Mr. Lucky Egboyi Esq stated that civil servants
    have not been paid their salaries for several months but officials
    allegedly stockpile monies abroad.

    Egboyi noted that there is corruption already as regards the usage of
    recently released bail out funds.

    “They are stashing and sharing the bail out funds amongst themselves.
    They are not using the money for the purpose it was released.”

    The legal hailed former Governor James Onanefe Ibori for initiating
    the renovation of infrastructures as well as standards of court but he
    blamed the immediate past Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan and
    his predecessor for its abandonments.

    According to him,”In the courts, you can’t breath in the courts presently in the state. If you go to Lagos, you will line Courts but in Delta State,the courts are apology.”

    Egboyi said it is unfortunate because the judiciary which he considers
    the worse, cannot defend itself.

    “We need true independent” of the judiciary. Complete autonomy” he said.

    “I don’t think there is anything to celebrate. We need sober reflection”.

    Fiery Warri based lawyer, Mr. Omemiroro Ogedegbe Esq stated that the
    Delta State Government owes its citizens a duty to sew for them sack
    clothes so that they can mourn the wastage of their collective wealth.

    Ogedegbe said for the past sixteen years the Peoples Democratic Party,
    PDP has ruled the state like a conquered territory.

    “We have the crudest form of infrastructural decay in Delta State. The
    infrastructural decay is the height of government’s ignorance. Delta
    State does not mean well for its people. No form of conclusion from
    the people than complete disobedience. If they continue, its an
    indication total paralysis.”

    Another fierce lawyer, Mr. Choice Umode Esq stated that the government
    can celebrate Delta State at 26 in terms of number stressing that,”
    There is nothing to celebrate in terms of infrastructural development
    of the state.

    Umode stated that Courts and other organs of government are well taken
    care or maintained.

    “Courts which includes the infrastructures are in bad shape.”

    Umode also called on the Delta State Government to be responsible to
    yearnings and aspirations of the people by maintaining the courts
    which is the last hope of the common man.



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