National Youth Games: Athletics Pulls Crowd, Ondo Maintains Lead, Delta Gathers Steam


    The much anticipated athletics events was a crowd puller at the University of Ilorin Sports Complex as it commenced on Monday at the third edition of the National Youth Games.

    The spectators stands were occupied with fans whom were thrilled by the action from sprint as the heats went on.
    Fireworks from both male and female sprinters sent the spectators wild with excitement.
    It is still early to say which states qualified from the heats, but it was apparent that Delta dominated the sprints.
    Meanwhile. Ondo State still remain at pole position on the medals table in spite of not winning any new medal from what was obtained the previous day.
    From the table updated by 2pm on Monday, Ondo State maintained their three gold, three silver and one bronze medals.
    Favourites Delta, however, climbed to the second of the table with two gold, one silver and two bepronze medals
    Bauchi State are third with one gold medal, while Akwa Ibom are at the fourth spot with one silver, two bronze medals.
    Kano and Ogun follow closely with one silver medal apiece and are tied at the fifth position.
    Some spectators at the stands


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