One Year Remembrance:  Nigerian Army Under President Buhari Instruction Killed My Father, Tompolo Cries Out


    Ex-militant Warlord, High Chief Oweizide Government Ekpemupolo, Alias
    Tompolo in an “Open Letter” on Tuesday adviced President Muhammadu Buhari to vow that he will not be deterred by persecution and state act
    of terror against his person and communities in Ijaw land in the quest
    for the emancipation of  his people.

    AUTHENTIC News Daily can report that Tompolo stated that the problem of environmental despoliation and degradation including political, economic, social injustice and inequalities arising out of the oil and gas explorations aided by the policies of the Federal Government of Nigeria still looms larger by the day.

    Tompolo claimed that intimidation and threat is now employed to cow
    Niger Deltans in the place of engagement and positive tangibles.

    “As we mourn and remember our late patriarch, the Late Chief Thomas
    Osen Ekpemupolo, we will seek justice to apprehend and hold
    accountable the very soldiers responsible for his murder so that he
    can finally rest in peace and his descendants can be fulfilled.”

    Tompolo adviced President Muahammdu Buhari to turn a new leaf and seek
    the true face of God who has given him a new lease of life just as he
    accused him over the death of his father,High Chief Thomas Osen

    Tompolo said, President Muhammadu Buahri now appreciates the value of
    human life having been humbled by his recent experiences with ill
    health, a reminder of the frailty and mortality of human existence.

    Tompolo said,”God is the supreme arbiter of the universe and each and
    every one of us cannot escape the karma of divine retribution.”“His
    life has been saved while he orders the destruction of others.”

    Tompolo noted that President Buhari seeks medical tourism and sojourn
    in world class medical facilities in the UK while the bills were paid
    with proceeds ultimately derived from crude oil and gas revenue in my
    backyard, the mass of the Niger Delta people and Nigerians continue to
    be denied access to basic health facilities.

    He stated that the Nigerian Army under the directive of the President,
    killed his father September 7, 2016 while in search of him in Kurutie
    Community, Gbaramatu Kingdom.

    Tompolo cried out saying, “Our father’s life was brutally cut short on
    the orders of President Buhari by soldiers of the Nigerian Army. My
    family has been painfully deprived of the love of its great

    “The death of my father in the hands of the Federal Government of
    Nigeria is in tradition of a long list of martyred Ijaws and Niger
    Deltans who dare to ask for a better and equitable participation in
    the management of the oil and gas wealth taken from our very ancestral

    Tompolo stated that he has been marked as “State Enemy Number One” by
    President Muahammadu Buahri’s regime because of his natural and open
    association with his  kinsman and former President of the Federal
    Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, in addition to his support
    for Governor Seriake Dickson in the 2016 Bayelsa State Gubernatorial
    election presumed as against the anointed APC candidate of the Federal
    Government, Chief Timipre Sylva

    Tompolo recalled that in the wake of renewed hostilities and
    destruction of crude oil facilities by unknown persons in the Niger
    Delta region last year, the powers that be now found an ample
    opportunity to frame him on trumped up accusations and charges
    stressing that, “Í subsequently I was falsely and maliciously accused
    by the Federal Government of Nigeria as the brain behind the then
    unrest. In furtherance of my persecution, I was accused by the
    Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) of fraudulently
    selling a stretch of land to the government for 13billon Naira.”

    Tompolo said,” My bank accounts remain frozen on his orders thereby
    financially incapacitating me from performing my natural obligations
    as a father in paying my daughter and other dependants tuition fees
    and sundry expenses in Nigeria while it is known that your children
    have schooled or may still be in the process of schooling in highly
    rated Universities in the United Kingdom (UK) surely with funds
    derived from proceeds of the oil and gas resources in the Niger Delta.
    Your public asset declaration puts you way beyond the near capacity to
    have funded the education of your children in world class universities
    in the United Kingdom and also provide the affluence and luxury that
    they enjoy in the UK.


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