Group Wants Okowa To Declare State Of Emergency On Child Traffickers



    The Nigerian Child Welfare Fund has called on the Delta State Government of Nigeria to declare a “State of Emergency” on Child Traffickers.

    President of the Group, Comrade Joshua Omorere made the call in a
    statement signed and made available to newsmen in Warri on Tuesday.

    Omorere stated that all Unregistered orphanage in Delta State should
    as a matter of urgency be closed just as he called the Delta State
    House of Assembly to enact a law to jail anyone caught running
    unregistered orphanage for a minimum of 20 years in Prison.

    Omorere stated that the Building where such home is run should be
    demolished and the land seized by the State Government.

    According to him,” Anyone caught selling or buying a child will go for
    20 years imprisonment as because if nobody buys, there will be no
    seller and our children will be safe.”

    Omorere also advocated for stringent conditions for running an
    orphanage stressing that, individuals should be discouraged from going
    into the business.

    He said,” Only organization that has been existing and functional for
    a minimum of 25 years with strong financial background should go into

    Omorere also requested the Inspector General of Police, the member
    representing the people of Uvwie in the Delta State House of Assembly,
    Hon. Efe Ofobruku and the Nigeria Union of Journalists,Delta State
    Council to put a word accross to the Assistant Inspector General of
    Police in charge of Zone 9 Umuahia to enable his officers do a
    thorough job and bring both Sam Daniels, Madam Euphemia Alago and
    others involved in the criminal act to face the full weight of the

    Omorere was reacting to the arrest and subsequent release of a Staff
    of the Nigerian Prison Service, Oluchi Onwughara and one Madam
    Euphemia Alago for allegedly buying four stolen children from Agbarho
    Community in Delta State by the Police in Umuahia, Abia State.
    The children were allegedly stolen from three different women at
    Agbarho Community in Delta State by the Police in Umuahia, Abia State.

    The children were allegedly stolen from three different women at
    Agbarho Community in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta

    Omorere claimed that the four children were allegedly stolen from the
    ignorant mothers by one Sam Daniels on the 15th&16th of February 2017
    after promising them marriage.


    Omorere stated that one Sam Daniels who rented a room apartment in
    Agbarho Community took the women separately on the insistence that
    carry one or two of their children to see his supposed bother before
    they will eventually marry and they succumbed.

    One of the victims, Mabel Asokanhe who is resident in Agbarho with her
    two children were the first to fall prey Abia State.

    When she got to Abia State, Sam Daniels took her to see his supposed
    mother’s house(Madam Euphemia Alago.

    After about an hour,Sam Daniels told his supposed mother that he is
    going to the bank with Mabel Asokanhe, his fiancee to withdraw money
    requesting his supposed mother to look after the children they return.

    While inside the bank, Sam Daniels collected and filled his name
    without “Surname” on withdrawal slip, filled the amount in figure,
    signed and requested that his victim stand in the queue with the slip
    in her hand that he wants to ease himself.

    That was the last time, Mabel Asokanhe saw him and could not find her
    way back to where she left her children.

    According to Omorere, Sam Daniels proceeded immediately to Agbarho in
    Delta State that same day and carried two other victims, Ovoke Isaac
    and Blessing Idewu the following day to Abia State but he stopped at
    Aaba ad carted away their children.

    The arrests and release was made possible by the police crack squad
    headed by one Insp. Ikenna following complaints at the State CID by
    one Mabel Asokanhe after the matter was referred to the Gender Unit
    for Investigation.

    The Gender Unit sent a signal to Insp. Ikenna to transfer the women to
    them over some children in their possession and he refused but he made
    them produce the first two children released them on bail without
    investigation or look for Sam Daniels that sold the women to the

    Two of the children have are yet to be recovered by the Police while
    the women(Oluchi Onwughara and Madam Euphemia Alago) are nowhere to be found.


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