LEADS Director Seeks More Funding For Programmes



    Coordinator of Legal Awareness for Nigerian Women (LEADS), Barrister Rebecca Sako-John has described lack of adequate funding as hindering the achievements of her organization in the proper implementation of its programmes and policies as it relates its programmes.

    She added that her organization is not just creating awareness in women on their rights and privileges, but is also working in partnership with other organizations in bringing enlightenment to people in their communities on the roles they are to play to ensure that government presence is felt and attracted to their communities.

    Barrister Sako-John made the statement in an interview with the New Nigerian at a training by Christian Aid  with theme: “Needs Assessment And Training for Community Development Officers of Kaduna state to Engage Citizens in Budget and Planing Processes”, held at NAERLS Suites and Conference Centre, Zaria on Wednesday.

    According to her, the organization is working with other NGOs to make communities know how to raise their voices to demand the rights and services they are entitled. They also make citizens know how they can take part in decision making that affects their lives, and hold their leaders and representatives to account.

    “We try to link communities and government to know the areas they can work together, plans and needs of the communities and how government can provide such needs. Government don’t just assume that it knows what the people want. The people are the ones who tells government what they need which works for even development “, she added.

    ” In the past government simply assumes they know what communities want, but now,priorities are jointly determined for development that will benefits the broader populace “.

    She explained that gender issues are becoming a thing of the past, especially with the direct participation of the communities and government. And with the support of the state government a lot have been achieved.

    ” We are succeeding that is why we have success stories in Jaba, Kaura, Soba and Giwa local government areas of the state and with adequate funding more can still be achieved. We should not leave this to government and NGOs alone, individuals and private bodies can also be involved “, she pleaded.


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