2019: APC In Bad Shape, An Orphan – Hon Olatoye


    The recent altercation between a prominent member of the administration of President Muhammad Buhari and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is an ill-omen that does not augur well for the party. It is a sign that the party is in a bad shape and needs reform and rescue.

    In a press statement by Honourable Wahab Olatoye, former Majority Leader, Osun State House of Assembly, the former lawmaker said that the recent scathing statements against the leadership of the ruling party by Professor Itsay Sagay to a large extent reflects the view of many Nigerians.

    The assertion by Professor Sagay, who is the Chairman, Presidential Committee on anti-corruption, that the APC leadership is made up of a bunch of unprincipled characters and rogue elephants that go about destroying what they should otherwise protect, is on point going by the way that the party which claim to be a party of change, threw caution to the winds and threw its doors open to all sorts of persons for financial gain.

    By such unprincipled stand, Olatoye said the party really derailed and became a party of anything goes to the point where there is little or no congruence between the party, and the government it is running.

    “The APC has really become a shadow of itself and has thereby alienated most of its founding members and early joiners who in 2014, were of the view that at last, a responsible platform for national rebirth had arrived. The party has become a herd of sheep, whose shepherd is asleep or has gone astray going by the fact that year to year, and month to month, no organ of the party ever meets to deliberate on party or national issues, and this has led to total indiscipline in the party rank and file across the country”, Ibitoye lamented.

    According to him, the result is that the APC government is virtually like an orphan, with no definable and responsible party leadership to support it. It cannot be said that President Muhammad Buhari, is responsible or prefers this state of affairs. Rather, the situation of inertia in party leadership going by events since May 29, 2015, is the best that those at the helm of affairs in the party can offer having been compromised and disarmed by the pursuit of filthy lucre from every corner.

    The situation of the APC is all the more pathetic because while the ruling party demonstrates permanent delirium, the defeated former ruling party, the PDP has woken up and is shaking off the shock of its defeat in 2015 and has vigorously commenced the rebuilding of its structures and reputation while the APC tries unsuccessfully to copy it.

    As the 2019 national elections approach amidst high expectations of the average Nigerian, the APC might discover that it is ill-prepared for that likely epic encounter with the resurgent PDP. The task before all those who love the party, is to move without delay, if possible to arrest the prevailing leadership incompetence, confusion and intimacy with unbridled corruption which has estranged the original stakeholders of the party, and rendered the latter impotent.



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