Christian Aid Believes Elimination Of Poverty Is Possible – Country Director

    Christian Aid internationally believes elimination of
     poverty is possible and is working assiduously alongside achieving that.

    Country Director Christian Aid, Mr Charles Usie expressed this in his welcome address at the ‘Kande’s Courage’ a stage production to mark the 2017 International Day of the Girl Child, held in Kaduna on Thursday.

    “We know the poverty today is caused by actions and inactions in the country.
    “Because we are in a hurry to end poverty, we can’t do it alone, so we are working with partners towards achieving that goal. We are working with GAT and other groups in Kaduna towards eliminating poverty.
    “They are doing well and their contributions are taking us further,” he said.
     He explained that Christian Aid which has been in Nigeria since 2003, is currently serving 200 people in Borno with food every month.

    “Over the years, we have been a key player on malaria intervention, with Kaduna benefitting as a key benefactor.

    “Been working in Kaduna for 11 years and currently working through three projects in Kaduna, Collective Action for Adolescent (CAAGI), Peace Building Project and  the Voice to the People (V2P)
    He explained that Kaduna is unique and been very receptive to development and have worked with them, hence. They have worked with various administrations and still continue with present and believe that in the future, they would still be working with Kaduna State.
    On the essence of the gathering, he said that Christian Aid celebrates the Day of the Girl Child and  for so many reasons, stresses the important fact that  any actions that limit girls is one that promotes poverty.
    “This event which will last for just four hours will not eliminate the discrimination but will create the awareness that will bring about the change by helping to remind us that we are in a journey and must work to getting there.
    “We want to provoke us to do more to end actions that limit women,” he added.
    The Country Director emphasized that women have actually surpassed every endeavour that men have ventured into.
    “There is no endeavour you won’t find women, which shows that with more opportunities, women will do more.
    “The more we keep limiting women in our societies,  the more we promote poverty.
    “We have gathered here today to declare war against discrimination and poverty, we hope you join us,” he stressed.


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