Christian Aid Marks Day Of Girl Child With Epic Play, ‘Kande’s Courage’


    As part of the activities to mark the 2017 Day of the Girl Child, Christian Aid International presented a stage play titled ‘Kande’s Courage’ watched by key stakeholders that can bring about changes in the plight of the girl-child in Kaduna State.

    The audience, was entertained and educated by the thrilling display which opened with a prologue introducing the play.
    It opened with Kande’s father, who serves in the Kings Court doing some comedy.
    The next scene was that of the Kings palace with the opinion leaders in the society, including cleric, politicians and others there to pay homage.
    The star of the play, Kande appears in the next setting which was in her father’s house, where she was reciting a nursery rhyme which caught her father’s interest.
    Her mother walks in, with broom in hand, jealous that Kande promised to buy her father a car when she grows up.
    The unexpected happens and Kande’s father dies, leaving them to their fate. Expectedly, suitors start showing interest in marrying her, a situation that later made the mother bow to pressure as a result of promises of a Hajj pilgrimage and a new building.
    Her uncle vehemently refuses, and engages in a physical brawl with the suitor who insists she must be married off to him.
    Meanwhile, she graduates from secondary school and gains admission into the university where she later graduated as an accountant.
    Her friend, Teni who had earlier dropped out of school to marry, was divorced by her husband years later, after she had delivered two daughter. She was sent packing with her kids, in spite of pleas from her and the older daughter, who was about six years old.
    His excuse, she was not educated and he had suddenly developed an appetite for a wife who is educated.
    Kande is appointed a Senior Special Adviser (SSA) and begins a new building for the uncle. While on inspection at the site of the building, she gets two unexpected visitors.
    First to arrive was her suitor, and while he was pleasantly surprised that the SSA who he had been trying to get a contract approved from was the girl he was bent on marrying by force years back, the other guest, her childhood friend who was divorced walks in.
    Both visitors never regretted visiting as they both got pleasant surprises.
    The got a chance to remedy the past as Kande promised to sponsor her to continue her education, as well as upkeep of her children.
    The former suitor was full of praises for Kande and realized the importance of educating girls when she instantly approved the contracts heveas seeking.
    The play ended at the Kings Court, where opinion leaders converged and pledged support for girl-child education with the Christian and Muslim cleric leading the thoughts.


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