OPINION BY SANI L K: The Dangerous New Spin Against Masari, Mangal


    By SANI L.K.

    For some days now a false flag in a mischievous article titled “Masari/Mangal Political Coup against Buhari” written by one Mohd Galadanchi is making  the rounds on dailies/social media.

    It is obvious that all the white lies contained in the malicious article were fabricated by hatchet-men of the spin doctors among  the few frustrated political jobbers of Katsina State.

    It is common knowledge  that  the relationship between President Buhari and Governor Aminu Bello Masari has remained cordial,  more so because Masari is Buhari’s eyes and ears in the President’s immediate constituency -Katsina.

    There is clearly  a deliberate ploy  to systematically spread misinformation as a means of spoiling the scorecard of Governor Masari. The second goal of these cheap propagandists is to set the governor against the rest of the supporters and admirers of the President in Katsina and indeed the North , by creating bad blood through disinformation.

    The ultimate aim is to also join innocent Katsina entrepreneurs like Alhaji Dahiru Mangal in the  dirty campaign, just to score a political point.

    It is strange that these frustrated and idle Katsina politicians assume that the only way they get their political relevance back in 2019 is a dirty campaign of calumny against Masari  and the ever-non-partisan business mogul,  Alhaji Dahiru Mangal.

    By dragging  the name of Alhaji Mangal into their political mischief, these dirty campaigners have shot themselves on the foot because no true son of Katsina would believe them. This is because Mangal has been identified with investments that  provide job opportunities for the people of Katsina and not  partisan politics.

    More  depressing  was how these dirty campaigners concocted fake figures  in  billions of Naira,  in their desperate bid to create  the false impression that they  are  relating their  spurious claims  with facts  and figures. All  the monies that they  bandied around in  that dirty article were the figment of their  imaginations and never based on verifiable facts.

    While  their  dirty  campaign continues, it  should not be difficult for sensible  Katsina people to see  beyond the  veil  of white lies and malicious  fabrications against a governor they would love to hate and an entrepreneur already well-respected by the entire  Katsina  people.

    The  lesson in that article is that  there is  still  a class of politicians who  assume that  their return to  political reckoning is hinged on  how  dirty their campaigns against  perceived enemies could be. It  is  a sad  reminder  of some  of the  vices that work  against our  collective  efforts towards deepening democracy, entrepreneurs’ contribution to  economic empowerment and national development.

    President Muhammadu Buhari smiling

    SANI L.K. a social commentator sent in this piece from Kaduna.

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