PDP Group Endorses Dokpesi For National Chairman




    The leadership of PDP Prayer Network has endorsed High Chief Raymond Dokpesi for the post of the National Chairman of our great party.

    The group announced this in a statement signed by its National Coordinator,
    Mr. Emmanuel Chukwu.

    “The decision to support High Chief Dokpesi to lead our great party at this critical point in time was based on his past track records of great achievements for the party.

    “There is no doubt that the PDP is lacking behind in it’s role as the biggest opposition party in Africa. Hence, the vacuum created is not a good one for the growth of the party,” it said..

    The group said that subsequently, they need a PDP that is proactive and not reactive.

    “We need a PDP whose leadership would work for the restoration of it’s lost glory. We need a PDP whose leadership would embark on genuine reconciliation which will bring aggrieved members who left the party back to it’s fold. We need a PDP whose leadership would accommodate both the interest of the founding fathers and the interest of the young ones for overall growth of the party and the unity of Nigeria.

    “These are criteria that requires sagacity, humility, prudence, hardwork and empathy of connectivity to achieve.

    “In lieu of the foregoing; one man among the aspirants who has demonstrated great ability to lead the party back to power in 2019 is High Chief Raymond Dokpesi.

    “As the former Organising Committee Chairman of the PDP National Conference in 2015, High Chief Raymond Dokpesi displayed the attributes needed to be the national chairman of the largest opposition party in Africa and as well has what it takes to lead the party at this very critical point in time that our great party is in dire need of purposeful, articulate and servant leadership,” it emphasized.

    It continued by stressing that: “Therefore, as the spiritual wing of the party with the spiritual compass and authority, we hereby endorse High Chief Raymond Dokpesi for the post the National Chairman of our great party.

    “With the two years absence of the PDP from power, Nigerians have seen the difference between words and action, ideals and reality. And therefore, we should capitalize on the reality of the moment by electing a National Chairman with the national clout, outlook and acceptance to lead the party back to power.

    “The task may be daunting but not  insurmountable and only a humane, level-headed and sagacious leader in the person of High Chief Raymond Dokpesi can do that for the party at this defining moment.”



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