Betty Akeredolu Leads Campaign Against Breast Cancer To FMC, Owo



    The Founder of BRECAN and wife of Ondo State Governor Arabinrin Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu has led some women including Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria (BRECAN) members to Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Owo on breast cancer campaign as  part of the event to commemorate the month of October cancer awareness month otherwise known as pink month.

    According to her, there is no better time to do it than now. “This is why we mobilised our women to come and have their mammography check.”

    The First Lady who observed that many women in the  state did not know that FMC has mammography machine added that the visit will make others to be aware that such machine is available in the hospital.

    “The message of hope we are preaching is to let women experiencing breast cancer known that it is not a death sentence. To give them hope that breast cancer is curable.

    “We are also here to let any woman who notice any unusual change in her breast like painless lump, blood discharge from breast nipples, breast colouration among others to immediately visit hospital because early detection saves lives. Though, such sign atimes might not be breast cancer but the only qualified people to decide this is oncologist based on the  result of different tests. Many women who are proactive are surviving the disease in their great numbers. Breast cancer is not a spiritual attack but purely a medical issue. The clear message is that women should  be breast health aware because breast cancer can affect any woman.

    “We are looking forward to a time when women who have been diagnosed with the disease will be bold to say it out just  like people who have malaria can easily tell anyone. This will help to give hope and courage to victims.”

    Mrs Akeredolu while challenging medical doctors to use  their positions to serve humanity commend Dr  Aba Katung  for his role during the just concluded BRECAN 20th anniversary. “Though some people see me as a nuisance in my campaign against breast cancer but this will make my voice to be louder until the war against breast cancer is won. It is only those who have not experienced the disease that can say that.”

    The First Lady who disclosed that those battling with breast cancer across the State will start receiving treatment from next week. She urged everyone to donate to support them through N200m crowd funding put in place for breast cancer victims in the state.

    In his response, the Chief Medical Director FMC Dr Hamed Adeagbo represented by Oladele Ayodeji apologised  for not sending representative to BRECAN anniversary and promised to cooperate with Mrs Akeredolu to reduce breast cancer in the state.”As part of our contribution to mark the breast cancer awareness month, the management has reduced by 50 percent, the cost of breast cancer treatment. So FMC is in full support of the fight against the disease. “


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