OCP Launches Mobile School Lab, Trains 10,000 Farmers On Soil Types, Nutrients


    By; IBRAHIM ADAMU, Kaduna

    OCP Afica has commenced training of 10,000 small holder farmers across 12 local government areas in 72 communities within Kaduna State on soil analysis opportunities, and soil specific fertilizer recommendation for improved productivity.

    Speaking to journalists during the launch of OCP Mobile School Lab in Bakin Gada Ligari, a suburb of Kaduna State, the Country Manager, OCP Africa, Mr. Caleb Usoh, said that the launch of OCP Lab will bring value through Agricultural to Nigerian growing population.

    Caleb, while speaking says:  “This initiative is a farmers-centred business development model aimed at supporting farmers to have knowledge of their soil types, nutrients availability, deficiencies and requirements will help our farmers imbibe the need for scientific methods and commercial mindset towards their farming enterprises.”

    He explained further that OCP is one of the leading companies in the production and exportation of phosphate based fertilizers, phosphoric acid and other phosphate derivative and nutrient additives for plant and animal health.

    The Country Manager who said Nigeria is the economic giant of Africa, also disclosed that Nigeria is the foremost of the twelve African countries in which OCP Africa has established its presence, with a fully incorporated subsidiary, dedicated to transforming Nigerian smallholder farming enterprises to a modern, more productive and sustainable model.

    According to him, “ n keeping with OCP African vision of transforming Agriculture in our continent we articulated the ‘OCP SCHOOL LAB’ as a tool to unlock potential inherent in agriculture by providing smallholder farmers with extensive soil nutrient information and education aimed at directing the minds of farmers towards technology driven farming practices for enhanced productivity.”

    In his remarks, the acting Genaral Manager, Kaduna Agricultural Development Agency (KADA), Daudu Ashafa, who lauded the OCP Mobile School Lab Project in Kaduna State, said that the relationship between Kaduna State Government and OCP Africa is a permanent one that will final bring succor to the farmers in the State.

    “With what I have seeing here today, this is not just a launch of a Lab but, also a learning process and that is why I said that the relationship is permanent one,” Ashafa said.

    While speaking, Ashafa maintained that green pasture for farming activities is in Africa and that Nigeria is not an exception to that virtue, calling on the farmers to make use of the opportunities offered to them by OCP Africa in transforming the agricultural sector in Nigeria.


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