(Interview) I Helped Many Big Stars To The Top – Gospel Sensation, Gloria Doyle

    Controversial Gospel Artiste, Gloria Doyle in this interview, bares her mind on several issues that  have for long been hidden. She speaks on how she helped many artistes achieved their dreams, the talent show  that made her and other issues. Excerpts:
    What kept you away from the Music/Entertainment Industry for so long?
    Well, I won’t say I fizzled out but I just took some time off for two things. One is to cater for My Family, My Kids and I think they are okay now and Secondly is to make proper research on My self Re-branding and Re-Discovery.
    Why are you doing Gospel Music?
    Yea… I am Doing more of Gospel now because a lot of people gained from me most especially in the Gospel area of the Entertainment Industry. Apart from singing, I Minister in Churches and you cannot do both at the same time. So I had personality clash because a lot of people see me and say you are too flamboyant for Gospel. Some people were ready to sponsor me, like we want you to go into circular but at the end of the day I wasn’t really comfortable with it. I Really wanted to do Gospel and be a part of people lives, to give people hope and give them definition. So I just find out that I needed to tilt fully into Gospel Music.
    But you also operate in the Circular World?
    I am an Entertainment person, I am into Event Management and a lot of things that function in the circular world but when it comes to my own personal self, I think I am more into the Gospel part of it
    How would you describe the music industry in Nigeria?
    I would say technology has created a lot. It has opened and paved ways for a lot of people. Back then it was a lot of struggle especially when you want to take your content to the outside world, but right now with technology, you can do anything from your room and it is out there most importantly if your content is good and it is something people can accept. I think it’s okay now. Back then, I still do though, I see people and you find out that they are not even seeing themselves and the potentials they have. So I try to help them discover it. I will not say that in the past its rewarding but I still do what I know how to do best.
    You claimed to have Played roles in the success of some popular artiste, Who are they?
    Yes, in terms of bringing people out, I brought out the likes of Segun Blessing (Lakasegbe), Kween Onokala (Jebele). Kween actually came to stay with me in lagos, she paid for my consultancy, It was that good back then, you pay to talk to “Gloria Doyle” and She paid. The likes of Sunny Nneji, these are people that will come to me and just like Niccodemus went to meet jesus at night, Pasuma will come to meet me at my office in GRA and he will tell me these are the little challenges I am facing, I will tell him do it and go about it this way. I told Sunny Nneji to Rebrand himself, your song is good but people need to see you and identify with you. I Consulted for The likes of Tony Tetuila, infact he pays to be on my show, it was that Good because I was promoting artiste everywhere and there were just a lot of them coming to me that they want to be on my platform “Transfigurated Entertainment” for shows. I picked Muma Gee from LTV because she had issues when she moved into lagos and I was able to say meet this and this person, moved around with her for a while and by the time she was involved in Star Quest TV Reality Show, Muma Gee blow and became famous that I couldn’t see her again. She will not and I repeat she will not say “Gloria Doyle” was not part of her breaking forth here in lagos because she came all the way from portharcourt. There are quite a lot of them but when I see them, I am always happy for them.
    Do you regret helping these people back then?
    I will say I have little regret but the thing there is I understand that it’s not everybody. If you want to look at it from the Gospel angle and from what the likes of Jesus said, he gave us proverb of people he healed, the ten z and it was only one that came back to say thank you, that’s just the way it is. So when you understand that, you find out that you just keep doing what you know how to do. I have brought out a lot of Artiste that are up there now. I know a lot of them that will come that they are finding it difficult to cut across and my advice have been able to push them to where they are now. You just find out that nobody is talking about it but when you really want to sit down and say this is the path I threaded upon, they must put that name “Gloria Doyle”. If they really want to be truthful to themselves, they should say Gloria was part of my success story. The issue there is we have ingrates, Mediocres, and people that say when they are there they just feel they feel there and they will not want to give you credit for the toil that you put into there being where they are but it doesn’t really matter to me.
    Now that you are back fully into the Entertainment industry, what should be the expectations of people from you?
    I am currently with a new management OJ MEDIA Entertainment Network and We just released my new single Titled – “BABA NA YOU” which is currently enjoying airplay with lots of great wonderful comments from Fans both home and abroad. ‎
    One Word for your fans
    I Really want to appreciate God almighty for all the comments and opinions of my well wishers and lovers of Gloria Doyle Music Brand. I promise never to let you down and keep your fingers crossed for the best of “Gloria Doyle”. I also want to use this medium to give great kudos to all the Media platforms TV, Online blogs, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines for the acceptance of my brand back into the industry despite the level of the competition rate in the present entertainment industry. Thanks a bunch and God bless you all.


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